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These are important numbers in 1991. 

Registration for Fourth Summer Session is cJItUlll^ ^0. That's the FREE 
four weeks for new students — no charge for three semester hours of tuition, no 
charge for dormitory room rent. And we're putting the fine print in big print: 
There is a $100 refundable room deposit and a $275 fee. Most of it ($175) goes 
toward meals. The other $100 will be credited to tuition for the fall semester. 

^mig^IlQ^tt ^"^=^0 is registration for the Fall Semester. It's not free. 
But it's a tremendous value. An excellent investment. Classes start Thursday, 
the 29th. Every student, teacher, and alumnus will be making Southern's cen- 
tennial year a special one. Be a part of it! 

For more information or an application, call that toll-free number, 




1892- 1992 

Nonprofit Organization 



Permit No. 6 

Collegedale, TN 37315 

Car, Rt Preson 

FALL 1991 









Of Bones and Beliefs 

Riding a mule down into the Grand Canyon . . . tramping half way up a 
mountain in Yellowstone to see a petrified tree . . . treking through Wyoming 
wilderness for a look at dinosaur bones as large as trees. What 1 did this sum- 
mer was not what the typical college president does in a typical year. 

On July 4 and in the next 11 days 1 had the unusual opportunity to participate 
in a field tour conducted by the Geoscience Research Institute. This is a small 
group of resident scientists working under the General Conference umbrella. 
Their tours share with church educators and administrators visible data support- 
ing the Biblical creation account in contrast with alternate theories of origins. 

1 found this to be an exciting, faith-building 
experience. Our eyes and our ears worked 
from early morning until late at night, assimi- 
lating with purpose not only the beauty and 
drama of natural landmarks but also vast 
quantities of impressive data. 

The great key to resolving conflict between 
creationism and evolution lies in the Genesis 
flood and the consequences of this worldwide 
catastrophe. As 1 saw with my own eyes 
multiplied evidences of flood catastrophe 
upon God's creation, 1 became convinced that 
believing evolution requires more credulity, a 
longer leap of faith if you please, than does 
believing the creation story given us by the 
only One who was there. 

I found it confirming to learn that Seventh-day Adventist scientists, some of 
the very ones who led our 30-guest tour group, are doing scientific research that 
is recognized in the secular, scientific world as valid. Their careful work is 
requiring other scientists to modify and realign their own thinking. 

From this trek 1 came back a stronger creationist than ever. One of our main 
goals here at Southern College is to nurture the faith-building process for the 
young people of our church. The bedrock of God's Word provides a sure foun- 
dation for that structure of belief. 

Donald R. Sahly, President 

Editor's Note: In 
Adventist Perspectives, 
Volume 5, Number 3, 
President Sahly writes 
more at length about 
the GRI excursion. 

About This Issue 

To celebrate the joy of giving — This is an 
emphasis of Southern's Centennial. Giv- 
ing has characterized the college and its 
people for a century now. Explore with us 
some forms giving may take. 

volume 43, number 3 

Doris Stickle Burdick 

Ingrid Skantz, '90 
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GiNA McIntyre Graham 
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Southern Columns is the official 
magazine of Southern College of 
Seventh-day Adventists, published 
by the Alumni Association to provide 
news and information to former 
sttuienls, residents of the Southern 
Union, and other interested parties. 
Copyright 1991 by Southern College 
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2 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 3« 

Good Nezvs on the Enrollment Front 

OCT 1 5 ^99^ 

FTE Enrollment Continues Upward Curve 

In line with hopes but contrary 
to expectations. Southern 
College enrollment is up again 
for the fifth year running. 

Though actual head count at 1,532 
for 1991-92 is down by two from last 
year, the most significant figure 
when it comes to financial vigor — 
full time equivalency — reached 
1,297. This is 8 above last year's 
official figure and the highest FTE 
since 1982. 

Full-time equivalency is figured 
by dniding the number of hours for 
which students are enrolled by 15.5, 
the number of hours considered to 
be a full-time load. 

"The registration turnout was a 
very, very pleasant surprise," said 
Dr. Ronald Barrow, vice president 
for admissions. He went on to 
explain that Southern Union acad- 
emies graduated 50 fewer seniors 
than in the previous year. The 
number of beginning freshmen from 
Southern Union academies, how- 
ever, fell only by 26. 

Last spring's graduating class 
here at Southern was unusuallv 
large-314 versus 271 the previous 
spring-a fact that makes this fall's 
enrollment all the more remarkable. 

Through the entire summer, 
acceptances lagged behind the 
number accepted at the same point 
last year. 

The tentative budget, presented to 
the Board of Trustees last February, 
was built on an average projected FTE 
enrollment for the two semesters of 

"What this means is that despite 
additional staff hired since the 
preliminary budget, the process to 
revise the budget (as is done each 
fall) will be much easier," says Dale 
Bidwell, vice president for finance. 

Returning students number 912. 
An additional 60 came back after 
being away a year or more. New 
students include 367 from acad- 

emies, high schools, or GED. The 
balance represents 134 transfer 
students and 59 special students. 

Close to two-thirds of the student 
body is from the Southern Union. 
Four percent claim residence outside 
the United States, and half of those 
(36 students) are from Canada. Two 
students from Russia and two from 
China contribute to the cultural 

What are students studying? 

"Most departments enrolled 
about the same number of majors as 
last year," said Mary Elam, associate 
vice president for academic admin- 
istration. Chemistry and math are 
up and biologv and physics re- 
mained stable. 

Service occupations generally 
show some growth. For example, 
the number of students preparing to 
teach on the elementary level-103- 
is up by 14. At 409, the number 
choosing nursing for their major is 
up by 38. A religion major is the 
choice of 115, up by 8 students. The 
wellness management major, 
introduced in last year's Catalog, 
picked up another 9 students to 

make a total of 29 in that major field. 
Enrollment in North America's 13 
Adventist colleges and universities 
totaled 18,325 in December 1990, 
with another 52,214 in a thousand 
elementary schools and 14,156 in one 
hundred secondary schools. .'JS 

Southern College Enrollment 
1987 to 1991 

1400- ^rh 

1200 ^^M ^BL_ 

^^M ^ri69 

800- H 

12771^ '289 

1 42) 

r«>Ti ■ 


0- — -H 

Headcount Q FTE 

With boxes and smiles, 962 students returned to residence hall living m Thatcher or Talge Hall. 


One Student Tells 'What ^ Did This Summer' 

by Doris Burdick 


Ben's answer baffles me. 
Ben Chon, a senior 
religion maor at Southern, 
is perhaps the most articu- 
late Korean I have met. 

M y question had been, 
"What started you think- 
ing about working in the 
USSR this past summer?" 

". . . McDonald's?" 

"Yes. I saw in the newspaper that 
Big Macs were doing very well over 
there. Then why not English lan- 
guage schools? . . . Student 
missionaries? . . . Sometimes God 
can even use a hamburger. That's 
how I got the idea." 

Last year Ben Chon felt a burden 
to inspire youth with a vision for 
missionary work. "Young people 
have such great potential and often 
don't realize it." 

So what did he do? "I prayed 
about it and God answered my 
prayer," Ben answered simply. 

One of his teachers. Dr. Leo Van 
Dolson, helped him get in touch with 
Robert Spangler, evangelism consult- 
ant for the Soviet Division of the 
Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
Through him, arrangements were 
made for Ben to go to Tashkent for 
one week in May to prepare for a 
series of evangelistic meetings. Then 
he came back to the U.S. and 
recruited seven others for the 
Tashkent adventure: Mike Kim, 
another religion major from South- 
ern College; a young man from 
California; a Cornell-educated 

computer analyst from Boston; a 
dental lab technician; a retired 
minister; and a medical doctor from 
South Korea. Pastor Lynn Martell of 
the North American Division Church 
Ministries Deparment got so excited 
about the project that he changed his 
schedule to join the group. Ben also 
completed his self-appointed task of 
raising the $10,000 needed for the 
project, some 40 percent from 
Korean Adventists and the rest from 
many other friends and sources. 

The six-week Tashkent missionary 
journey extended from June 12 to 
July 22. It began with a 10-day 
health seminar, a week off, and then 
three weeks of evangelistic meetings. 

Words flew. Health talks were 
translated from Korean to Russian. 
Pastor Martell's sermons were 
translated from English to Russian. 
Russian responses were translated to 
English and Korean. 

Den speaks warmly of the 
welcome the group received. "Our 
hosts were so hospitable and kind, 
such innocent people." 

Yet it was not all roses. When the 
seminar began, their faith expected a 
packed hall. But the first day only 

100 people showed up. They were to 
learn that seventy years of commu- 
nism had depleted creative thinking. 
People waited to be told every little 
detail before daring to do. Despite 
Ben's preparatory visit and an 
Adventist church in Tashkent with 
120 Russian members, no organiza- 
tion had taken place for this kind of 
campaign — no ushers, no platform 
chairmen. Posters- had been prepared 
just the day before the seminar 
began. With guidance, the people 
were willing to do anything, and 
soon attendance reached about 220. 
Dr. Byung Cho provided medical 
treatment daily, prior to his lectures, 
combining personal ministry with 
public ministry, an approach that 
once again confirmed the dynamic 
power of medical work as an enter- 
ing wedge to people's hearts. Before 
his seminar ended, Cho asked those 
who wanted to follow God and start 
a new life to write down their names 
and addresses, and 101 responded. 

1 hen Ben told me of the transla- 
tor miracle: Sophia Constantine, a 
Korean, born in China, and fluent in 
three languages. 

When Ben first visited Tashkent (a 

4 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 3» 

How God Used a Ha / Y \ burger 

city with 300,000 Russian-speaking 
Koreans, plus some two million 
other residents), he realized the 
evangelism team would need a 
capable Christian translator. So he 
prayed. He visited the Presbyterian 
church on his scouting trip, and 
there observed a young lady trans- 
lating the minister's sermon. But he 
did not meet her nor have occasion 
to invite her to the meeting he was 
conducting in the Adventist church 
that evening. Yet, mysteriously, she 
was there. Later he learned the rest 
of the story. 

The night before, Sophia dreamed 
she saw an American missionary 
preaching in English. Though she 
did not know English, she under- 
stood everything he was saying. 
When she awoke she was puzzled. 
That morning she got a call from an 
Adventist friend, Ruba, inviting her 
to come and hear an American 
missionarv who was visiting. 
Afterwards, she accepted the invita- 
tion to translate for the meetings, 
and at the end of the six weeks, she 
was "translated" into the Adventist 
Church by baptism. For three vears 
Ruba had been trying to lead Sophia 
to the Adventist church, and the 
time had come. God sent a dream to 
prepare the way. 

J\ Korean boy named Slavan 
(meaning "Praise") attended the 
meetings faithfully. He became 
convinced that the Bible is truth, 
that he must believe in God. He 
came and told Ben that he wanted to 
be baptized, but his college entrance 
exam was scheduled for the same 
Sabbath. Ben replied that this was a 
great chance to experience the power 
of God as he started the Christian 

"Let's pray, because it is God's 
will for you to be baptized and He is 
able to change the date of the exam," 

Ben told him. They knelt together. 
In fact, Ben prayed for him for a 
whole week. Friday came, and 
Slavan returned with good news: 
The exam date had been changed 
from Sabbath to the following 

Another miracle occurred in the 
life of one of the Americans. Mark 
Lee, the Californian, was with the 
group through grace. In his rebel- 
lious high school years he had 
gotten into the drug scene, much to 
the sorrow of his Seventh-day 
Adventist family. Now he was in 
the recovery process after hospital- 
ization to kick cocaine. 

Last spring Mark's mother 
learned about the Tashkent trip and 
saw it as an opportunity for her son 
to regain his faith. Knowing the 
risks, but knowing the risk God has 
taken for all of humanity, Ben 
couldn't refuse her request. 

Mark worked with the young 
people in Tashkent and taught one 
class in the experimental English 
language school held for 20 students 
for one month. On the plane return- 
ing home, Ben asked Mark what he 
had learned from the experience. 

"Frankly speaking, I had no 
religion when I went to Tashkent, 
but now I know there is a God and 
He hears my prayers," Mark told 
him. This is precisely the kind of 
change that Ben hoped to see in the 
lives of young people. Mark had 
discovered a live experience with 
God and felt for himself the joy of 

1 he last miracle that Ben told 
me about was a personal one. Before 
he departed from Tashkent, the 
union conference president and the 
local conference president in\ited 
Ben back to work as an evangelist 
after he graduates next spring. They 

promised him and his wife. Mi Cha, 
a place to live and transportation to 
use in his work. 

The miracle is all the more 
dramatic, Ben believes, because of 
where he's coming from. Just 1 1 
years ago he used to spend all night 
at night clubs. "God picked me, a 
maggot, a worm, and used me to 
open the door, to open the Gospel to 
the Koreans in the USSR. His grace 
is marvelous and mighty," says Ben. 

Among the 104 baptized in 
Tashkent in July at the end of the 
meetings were five Koreans, the first 
Adventist Koreans in the Soviet 
Union to Ben's knowledge. The new 
Adventist Christians include 23 
young people. 

The story has just begun. Mil 

And in Eastern Europe 

Meanwhile, last summer in 
Eastern Europe, Professors Ron 
Springett and Leon Mashchak 
were helping train voung 
ministers at the SDA seminary 
near Warsaw, Poland. A year 
ago Dr. Doug Bennett spent six 
weeks there. Seeing an urgent 
need, he came home and raised 
$50,000 for a water/sewer 
system for the seminary. The 
government was on the verge of 
closing the school when the gift 

Dr. Bennett is scheduled to go 
to Bucharest next May to assist 
the seminary in Romania. Prior 
to the revolution, the school 
averaged three students a year. 
Last year it had 50 students and 
expected 35 more this fall. Of 
825 churches there, 300 of them 
are less than a vear old. 



Barbara Bush Invited for Graduation 

Hundreds of students registering for tlw fall semester took an extra moment to peit n personal 
invitation to the First Lady ou a long banner. Several weeks earlier. President Don Sahly wrote to 
Barbara Bush inviting her to speak for the Centennial Commencement. Her scheduling director 
responded that her official schedule is arranged only a fezo weeks in advance, and "we will be in 
touch with you closer to the date of your event." 

Students encouraged her visit with notes of warmth, appreciation of Mrs. Bush's priorities and 
expressions of Southern hospitality. French, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian notes were 

NPR's Robert Siegel 
To Be Guest of WSMC 

A double birthday celebration — 
the 30th anniversary of WSMC 
FM90.5, and the 20th anniversary of 
National Public Radio's award- 
winning newsmagazine, AH Thhigs 
Cottsiiiered — will bring NPR's Robert 
Siegel to Chattanooga on Thursday, 
October 24. 

Listeners to the radio station on 
Southern's campus, serving Chatta- 
nooga as its only classical music 
station, are invited to the celebration, 
beginning at 7:30 p.m. The event is 
being hosted at the Hunter Museum 
of Art, 10 Bluff View, on the south 
bank of the Tennessee River in 
Chattanooga. Alumni and other 
friends of the college are invited free 
of charge, as are listeners 
unaquainted with Southern College. 

Robert Siegel is "the man who 
broke the news to NPR listeners 
around the world that the Persian 
Gulf War had started." 

'Book of the Century^ 
To Be Released in May 

Giving for Life 

The first of several blood drives at Southern 
College took place during CABL (Collegiate 
Adventists for Better Living) week in 
September. The goal was to draw 300 piints of 
the life-saving fluid. Blood Assurance staff 
will return to the campus in mid-November. 
The nonprofit organization serves seven 
counties in Tennessee and Georgia, and is the 
sole supplier of blood to hospitals in the 

A Century of Challenge — The Story 
of Southern College is scheduled for 
release in May 1992. 

This all-new centennial book 
coincides with the celebration of the 
college centennial in 1992. 

The 308-page volume is packed 
with photographs. Two years of 
research, design, and plans are 
already invested in the goal of 
providing alumni and other friends 
of the college a front-seat look at the 
college's remarkable history. 

Author Dennis Pettibone, profes- 
sor of history at Southern, has 
interviewed scores of people and 
reviewed thousands of documents. 

"He spares no detail as he re- 
counts the struggles and victories of 
the dedicated men, women, and 
students throughout the last cen- 
tury," says Vinita Sauder, chair of 
the publication committee and 
designer of the book. 

Dr. Barbara Ruf, retired professor 
of English, is the book's editor. Lisa 
Springett, college archivist, along 
with Russ Miller, current history and 
English major, are in charge of picture 
collection, footnoting, and indexing. 

Others on the publication com- 
mittee are Chick Fleming, former 
business manager, who writes a 
foreword in the book; Dr. Ben 
McArthur, History Department 
chairman; Ruth Jacobs, long-time 
member of the Alumni Council; and 
Dr. Jim Ashlock, director of alumni 
and college relations. 

Until January 1, 1992, orders are 
being taken at special pre-publication 
prices: a numbered, limited 
leatherbound edition for $200, and a 
hardbound, linen edition for $34.95. 
Higher prices will prevail after 
January 1. 

Credit card orders may be called in 
to 1-800-277-7273. 

6 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 3- 


Nursing Students Achieve 
Perfect Passing Rate on Boards 

The Department of Nursing came 
up with its own special way of 
celebrating Southern's 100 years: a 
100 percent passing rate on State 
Boards taken last spring. 

Results just in from the nine states 
in which students took the 8-hour 
examination indicate that every one 
of the 83 students from Southern 
passed on the first attempt. This 
included 36 students from the 
Orlando campus. The state of Florida 

had an overall passing rate of 90 
percent. Nationwide, the rate is 91. 

"It's a very happy day," said Katie 
Lamb, chair of the department. 

"The credit goes to the students 
and faculty," Mrs. Lamb stated. 
Teachers work with students not 
only in groups but one to one. 

"Students who go to other 
schools, then transfer into ours, talk 
about our caring faculty," she said. 
"Sometimes it's difficult to toe the 

line but our faculty are able to do 
that with a caring attitude." 

Southern College nursing students 
sit for the examination after they earn 
their A.S. degree, normally after two 
years of study. They find themselves 
among manv students who have 
completed a 3-year diploma program 
or a 4-year bachelor's degree pro- 

Tennessee examinants travel to 
Nashville for the four-segment test. 

Successful Field 
School Held in Tampa 

"The best one so far." This is the 
Religion Department's analysis of 
the field school held in Tampa this 

Ten students enrolled in the 
summer's evangelism classes and 
traveled to Florida to participate in a 
full-scale evangelistic series. Atten- 
dance reached 1200. 

Dr. Derek Morris and Dr. Doug 
Bennett from Southern shared 
teaching responsibilities with 
Evangelist Ron Halvorsen, director 
of church growth and evangelism for 
the Southern Union Conference. 
Southern's Department of Religion 
and the Union provide joint direc- 
tion for this segment of professional 

When the series ended August 17, 
85 new members had joined the 
Adventist Church in Tampa. An- 
other 15 have been baptized since. 

Next summer's field school is 
scheduled for Chattanooga, less than 
twenty miles from the Collegedale 

Field schools offer six hours of 
academic credit in public and 
personal evangelism. Church 
ministry majors consider it an 
invaluable experience. 

Triathletes Test Both Mind and Body 

Coming in first in the open loomcn's team division at the 7th Annual Southern College 
Trwthkvi icas this trio: Holly Moores, Angela Bulloek, and Heather Williams. This year's event was 
held at Cohutta Springs Ra)ich on Sunday. September 8. The 70 participants mcluded 37 individual 
triathletes and 1 1 relay teams of three people each. In addition to college students, teams came front 
Collegedale Academi/ and Mount Pisgah Academy. Many competitors zvere from the Chattanooga 
community. The fastest individual tnathlcte among the students was Sluiwn Senvss. The event 
began with a half-mile swim, followed by an 18-mite hike race and a 4-mile run. 



A Dawn (Lindquist) Holbrook, 

'82, is new to the Nursing Depart- 
ment this fall. She is instructing in 
the area of pediatrics and critical 
care. Her husband, Tim, is employed 
in the college Motor Pool. They have 
a son, John, 5. 

A Elsworth Hetke has joined the 
administrative faculty as personnel 
director and student labor coordina- 
tor. His responsibilities include 
finding jobs for students, monitoring 
their labor, and keeping employee 
handbooks updated. A church 
administrator in India for 23 years, 
he comes now from the presidency 
of the British Columbia Conference. 
His wife, Eleanor, is a nurse. They 
have two sons, Theodore and Eric, 
and a daughter, Sukie, 13. 

A Leona Gulley received her 
doctorate in counseling from 
Vanderbilt University this past 
summer. Her thesis dealt with "The 
Etiology of Anorexia Nervosa: The 

Client's Viewpoint." Dr. Gulley also 
received her third master's degree, 
this one in nursing from Andrews 

A Educator Carolyn McCalla of 

Miami, Fla., has accepted appoint- 
ment as a trustee on the Southern 
College Board. Dr. Edythe Cothren 
of Chattanooga has been reap- 
pointed to the 38-member body for 
the current quinquennium. 

A To fortify development of 
communication skills. Dr. Ann Clark 
is directing a writing program that 
serves both students and teachers. 
By advising students intimidated by 
major writing assignments, and by 
working with their teachers, she 
hopes to sharpen their tools of 
communication. Southern requires 
three writing-emphasis classes for a 
bachelor's degree. 

A Sterling Sigsworth, a recent 
Ph.D. graduate of Pennsylvania 

CARE Leaders Initiate Active Program 

By the end of the first full week of classes CARE (Collegiate Ad ventists Reaching Everyone) 
was off the starting block and into action. Collegiate Commitment Weekend on September 7 
provided the opportunity for students to become familiar with service and Christian fellowship 
options and to make their initial choices among the many programs open to student participation. 
CARE leaders pictured above are," from left: Troy Fitzgerald, Campus Ministries; Sherrie 
Norton, secretary in the Chaplain's Office; Jeff Gang, assistant chaplain; Rick Mann, director 
of Destiny Drama Company; Pastor Ken Rogers, chaplain; Jon Steen, director of CABL 
(Collegiate Adventists for Better Living); and Shea Bledsoe, director of Student Missions. 

State, joined the Chemistry Depart- 
ment this fall. His emphasis is 
physical chemistry and his doctoral 
thesis dealt with the kinetics of metal 
ion reactions in the gas phase. 

A Mark Bresee, '80, has been 
invited to join the Religion Depart- 
ment faculty full time beginning in 
January. The former pastor of the 
First SDA Church in Chattanooga, he 
is working on his doctor of ministry 
degree from Andrews University 
and teaching part time this semester. 
He and his wife, Sharon (Gulley), '81, 
have two children, Andrew, 3; and 
Alicia, about one year. 

A Honorary titles have been 
awarded to two long-time employ- 
ees, now retired. William H. Taylor, 
administrator emeritus, came to the 
college in 1958 as dean of students 
and director of public relations. His 
three decades of service also in- 
cluded teaching, alumni, and devel- 
opment responsibilities. Robert 
Merchant, treasurer emeritus, served 
the college as treasurer for 30 years. 
Active as a Student Association 
adviser, he also served on the Film 
Preview committee for several years. 

A Paul Smith, Jr., is now assis- 
tant to the vice president for devel- 
opment. He comes from trust ser- 
vices and stewardship responsibili- 
ties in the New Jersey Conference. 
He will be assisting friends of the 
college who are interested in giving 
to the college through a will or trust, 
and will also be interfacing with the 
Committee of 100. He and his wife, 
Lynda (Christiansen), have sons 
Nathanael, 9, and Jeremiah, 6. 

A Herbert Coolidge, '65, 
teaches accounting and tax classes in 
the Department of Business. Dr. 
Coolidge moved from Henderson- 
ville, N.C., where he was most 
recently a financial consultant for 
Merrill Lynch. He and his wife, 
Carolyn (Williams), have two children. 

A Additional individuals joining 
the faculty this year includeOonna 
Roberts in the Department of 
Nursing on the Collegedale campus, 
and Delores Lambert and Netta 
Brown in the Department of Nursing 
on the Orlando Center campus. 

8 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 3« 


Compiled by Amif Bechtvrth 


Ruth (Deyo) Curtis, .itk iidcd '27, passed awiiv 
April 22, 1991. She worked for the Southern 
Union Conference for nine vears before she and 
her husband, Glenn, moved to Loma Linda, 
Calif. Ruth began the first ladies auxiliary for 
dental students' wives. 

Rufh (Miller) Gibson, '24, and her husband, 
Fred, live in Newburv, Calif., at Ventura Estates, 
a retirement center located near the Adventist 
Media Center. 

Jere Smith, '24, passed away May 19, 1990. 
He resided in Loma Linda, Calif 


Betty (Halvorsen) Collins, attended, and her 
husband, Orla, were volunteers at Kahili 
Ad\entist School in Kauai, Hawaii, before 
working at Nosoca Pines Ranch. They 
temporarily reside in Liberty Hill, S.C. 

Mazie Herin, '37, enjoys the North Carolina 
mountains and wild flowers. She works as a 
volunteer at Parkridge Hospital. Mazie resides 
in Fletcher, \.C. 

Robert Kepkey, attended, has retired in 
Magalia, Calif., where he savs he enjovs bird 
watching, gardening, and photography. 

Sadie Liles, '36, taught at Kahili Adventist 
School this past year in Hawaii with her husband, 
Raymond. She reports it was a "great school 


Lucile Lukat, '35, lives in Stapleton, Ala. She 
is taking Bible courses and enjoying her 

Margarete (Seilaz) Peterseir, '39, and her 
husband, Lewis, trequentlv visit their two 
daughters, Bev Scott and Glenda Mcrklin, in 
Washington. Thev are retired and reside in 
Albanv, Ore. 

Clayton Petty, '36, is a retired YMCA director 
and his wife, Flora, attended, is an RN. They live 
in Burleson, Texas, where their son is a pastor. 

Elaine Turner, attended '33 to '36, has lived in 
Orlando, Fla, with her husband, Rus, since 1 936. 
She is a retired RN. Elaine has been enjoying 


Elsie Buck, '41, received an honorary degree. 
Doctor of Human Letters, from Andrews 
University in June 199L She and her husband, 
Edwin, have spent 20 vears in denominational 
employment, pastoring churches, teaching at 
academies, and serving a mission term in India. 
She looks forward to her fiftieth class reunion at 
alumni weekend 

Harmon Brownlow, '46, and his wife, 
Margaret (Motley), 47, hve in Apopka, Fla. 

Harmon worked the last six years as union 
evangelist for the Mid-America Union 

Edgar Howard, '43, and his wife, Virginia, 
live In Pueblo, Colo. Edgar has been a school 
psychologist for 29 years and plans to retire 
soon. He sends greetings to old friends from the 
SJC era. 

Charles Davis, '42, lives in Reedley, Calif., 
with his wife, Clementina. He is a forensic 
psychiatrist and executi vedirector of KingsCourt 
Mental 1 lealth Services. 

Alice (Perkins) Kimber, '44 and '47, took an 
LPN course and has began working as a private 
duty nurse. She is also the researcher for the 
American Biographical Institute Research 
Association. Alice received an honorary 
doctorate in cultural social work from the World 
University. She and her husband, Victor, reside 
m Sanford, Fla. 

Nellie (Smith) MacDonald, '40, says she is 
enjoying retirement after 39 years of teaching 
and stays busy with church work. Nellie lives in 
Wheaton, 111.' 

Catherine (Fox) Mizelle, '42,of ficially retired 
from teaching in 1987. Catherine's husband, 
Fenton, served as a volunteer aide for grades 
one through eight. Catherine and Fenton send 
greetings to their friends and would like them to 
write at 2201 Pileggi Road #A, Warrington, PA 

Warren Cakes, '49, lives in Alachua, Fla. He 
is retired after service at missions in Uganda 
and Kenya, at Madison College, and fifteen years 
as director of personnel at Florida Hospital. 
Warren says he enjovs gardening, walking, bird 
watching, his grandchildren, and his church. 
Warren's wife, Virginia, attended. 

Ruby Shreve, '47 and '64, retired in Avon 
Park, Fla., after teaching and deaning for 37 
years in the Southern Union Conference. 

Grayce (Marquis) Williamson, '42, was a 
teacher and administrator for 37 years. She is in 
her fourth year of retirement, (grayce and her 
husband, Lincoln, live at 545 Lora Street, Neptune 
Beach, FL 32266. She says, "1 would love to hear 
from anyone in my class." 


Nellie (Hubbard) Rittenhouse, passed away 
in Angwin, Calif., May 19, 1991. Nellie was the 
wife of Floyd O. Rittenhouse who served as 
academic dean at SMC from 1949 to 1952. She is 
survived by husband, Floyd, and daughters, 
Dana and Judy. 

Fred Acuff, '53, retired after 22 years of 
teaching chemistry and science at Western 
Piedmont Community College. Fred and his 
wife, Chloe, attended, live in Morganton, \.C. 

Thomas Ashlock, '50, and his wife, Betty 
(Zollinger), attended, enjoy living near their 
three children and eight grandchildren in Boring, 
Ore. Tom retired Dec. 31, 1990, from the North 
Pacific Union Conference Church Ministries 

•^ !^H 

^ET ^tt^^^^^^^^^M 


L?'i^^^Hbi^. .^iXkv^^^^^^^l 

1* ^^^^H 

Alice ami Viclcr Kimber 

Frances Clark, '58, was the first woman elected 
as a union education director. She has retired 
after 43 years of denominational work. She 
spent the last 1 6 years in the Southwestern Union 
education department. Frances resides in Keene, 

Marie East, '52, retired after 33 years of 
teaching. She enjoys five grandchildren, 
gardening, and remodeling her home. Marie 
and her husband, Bobis, reside in Rogersville, 

David Fogg, '59, lives in Huntsville, Ala., 
with his wife, Ann. He is a dental hygienist. 
They have two sons, Mike, '89, and Mark, '91. 
Both graduated with degrees in long-term health 

Myma (Roberts) Gibson, '59, works as a 
quality assurance consultant for a nursing home 
chain in Virginia. Myma and her husband. Bill, 
live in Richmond, Va, and sing gospel music for 
various events and church services. They have 
six children and three grandchildren. "Two of 
Myma's children are graduates. Sheila, '82, and 
Jack, '85. 

Warren Hammond, '51 , and his wife, Kathryn, 
reside in CoUegedale. He has retired after 
working for theTennessee Valley Authority and 
the Collegedale Credit Union. They have six 
grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 

Ladon Homer, '57, and his wife, Mary, '56, 
reside in Alvarado, Texas. Ladon was elected 
president of the Tarrant County Medical Society 
for 1992. He practices pathology at Huguley 
Memorial Hospital. Ladon has served in the 
House of Delegates for the Texas Medical 

Emery Hoyt, '52, and his wife, Esther, live in 
Grand Junction, Colo. He has been retired for 13 
years. Emery spent his work years in the 
education field. He and his wife keep busy with 
Vacation Bible School, community ser\'ices, and 
their church. 

Bob Jobe, '57, and his wife, Anne, have formed 
their own marketing and public relations firm 
which produces materials for the health care 
industry They reside in Arlington, Texas. 

Paul Kilgore, '57, and his wife, Joan, live in 
South Lancaster, Mass. He is the education 
director for the Atlantic Union Conference. 



Bill Morrison, '50, is retired. He and his wife, 
Eleanor, reside in Citrus Heights, Calif. 

Lester Park, '52, retired in 1987. He says he 
keeps very busy with retirement activities and 
especially enjoys spending time with his new 
grandchildren. He and his wife, Betty, live in 
Surprise, Ariz. 

Elmon Roy, '53, 
and his wife, Retha, 
reside in Crestwood, 
Ky. Two years ago 
Elmon retired, after 
serving 35 years in the 
ministry. He is an 
honorary attorney 
general for Kentucky 
and has served for two 
years as chaplain of 
the Friendship Manor 
Nursing Home. 

Richard Shepard, '55, holds the positions of 
church ministries director and communications 
director for the Florida Conference. He has lived 
in Florida for 20 years and served as a pastor of 
the Miami Springs, Tampa First, and Kress 
Memorial SDA churches. Richard and his wife, 
Elaine, reside in Altamonte Springs. His 
daughter, Verlene Wheeling, '90, and son-in- 
law, David, '90, live in Madison, Ga. 

Elden Wilson, '54, has retired after spending 
32 years in denominational work. He and his 
wife, Thelma, live on a small farm near Trenton, 
Ga. Elden says they enjoy helping with work for 
the church and visiting their children and 

Eltnyra (Conger) Wood, '54, says she enjoys 
spending time growing flowers and a garden, 
and having fun with her friends, children, 
grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Elmyra 
resides in Loveland, Colo. 


Myrna and Burton Wrif;ht 

Burton Wright, '51, returned from Malawi in 
1987. He served as a pastor in Elizabethtown, 
Ky ., until his retirement in 1 989. He and his wife, 
Myrna, live in Avon Park, Fla. Burton serves as 
a part time pastor for the Lake Placid Church. 
Myrna is a registered nurse at Walker Memorial 
Hospital. Two of Burton and Myrna's four 
children attended Southern, Judy Clarke, '76, 
and Jeannie Bankston, '79. 

Gerry Cabalo, '66, practices internal medicine 
and has a family practice in Lake Elsinore, Calif. 
He and his wife, Marjorie, have a son. 

Jack Cothren, attended '61 -'63, delivered a 
baby that developed outside the uterus. He calls 
ifanabsolutelyphenomenalevent." According 
to The Chattanooga Times only six similar cases 
are known. Jack delivered the baby Feb. 1 1, in 
Nashville, Tenn., where he resides. Jack's father, 
Frederec, attended, had delivered the mother of 
this child, 

Nolan Darnell, '66, and his wife, Margaret, 
'63, live in Arden, N.C. Nolan has been teaching 
engineering, graphics, CAD, carpentry, and 
cabinet making at Asheville-Buncombe 
Technical Community College for 13 years. 
Margaret has taught first grade for 10 years. 
They have two sons. Loren, the older son, is 
starting at Southern and David, the younger, is 
a junior at Fletcher Academy. 

Wayne Darnell, '63, is a district manager for 
Nutricia-USA. He lives in Oceanside, Calif. 

Bob DuBose, '64, 
and his wife, Joyce, are 
evangelists for the 
Florida Conference. 
They have four sons. 
Bob and Joyce reside 
in Avon Park, Fla. Bob 
says, "When we see all 
our sons, their wives, 
and children in God's 
remnant church, we 
know that Christian 
education doesn't cost, in the long run if pays 
with interest." 

Lloyd Erickson, '66, and Charlotte, attended, 
live in Battle Creek, Mich., with their two 
children, Jon and Jennifer. They plan to attend 
Alumni Weekend. They say, "We hope to see 
many of our friends there." 

Charles Flach, '69, retired after 35 years of 
denominational teaching. His wife, Barbara, 
also retired after 22 years of denominational 
teaching. They live in Mobile, Ala., when they 
are not traveling. Both are active in a visitation 
program to shut-ms and to those who are ill. 

Lovenia Greer, '64, teaches at Becker School 
in Decatur, Ga. She resides in Lithonia, Ga., with 
her husband. Gene. They have two children, 
Jason and Jil. 

Stephen Hall, '67, and Mary, '77, reside in 
Orlando, Fla. He is president of Stephen A. Hall 
and Associates, Inc., a financial planning firm. 
They have two boys, Stephen 11 and Jonathan. 

Beverly King, attended, is an elder in her 
home church. She and her husband live in 
Denver, Colo. They have three children. 

Geraldine (Donak) King, '63, is a public health 
nurse. Her husband, Harold, is a minister. Their 
son, Todd, began attending Southern this fall. 
They reside in Sumas, Wash. 

Phyllis (Bryant) Labrenz, '68, teaches first 
and second grade at Highland Elementary School 
in Portland, Tenn. She and her husband, Walter, 
have two children. Thev live in Zebulon, Ga. 

Donette and Mannn Lowman and family 
Marvin Lowman, '66, is the ministries 
coordinator for the Mid-America Union 
Conference in Lincoln, Nebr. His wife, Donette, 
is a certified dental assistant. They have two 
children, Tamara and Brian, attending Southern. 

Terry McComb, '63, lives in Carberry, 
Manitoba, Canada, where he is a pastor, 

John Ramsey, '69, is director of sales for an 
electronics company. His wife, Linda (Edgmon), 
attended, is senior accounting clerk at the Pacific 
Union Conference. Thev have two children, 
Phil and Beth, and reside in Newbury Park, 
Calif . John reports, "I still enjoy quartet singing." 

John Reid, '66, owns a business which markets 
products and services internationally. He lives 
in West Palm Beach, Fla. John says, "Each day 1 
am living life to the fullest. It is an exciting time 
to be living. God has been good to me and my 

Don Vollmer, '67, senior pastor at El Cajon 
Church in San Diego, Calif., sends greetings to 
former schoolmates and friends. His wife, 
Melinda, teaches fifth grade at La Sierra 
Academy. They have two children, Don and 
Mary Jo. 

Norma (Grubo) Watkins, '60, works in the 
endoscopy labatDecaturGeneral Hospital. Her 
husband, Charles, '61, is an anesthesiologist in 
Athens, Ala. Their daughter, Alison, is in the 
marines, stationed in Okinawa. They reside in 
Decatur, Ala. 

Allen Workman, '65, is an orthopedicsurgeon, 
specializing in back surgery. He and his wife, 
Melinda, '67, live in Bodega Bay, Calif. They 
have two children, David and Kimberly. 


Rebecca (Stirk) Aufderhar, '72, works at 
Hedgecock Builders Supply in Greensboro, N.C. 
She and her husband, Keith, attended, reside in 
Kernersville, N.C. They have one daughter, 

Larry Becker, '79, pastors the Douglasville 
Church in Georgia. His wife, Laura (Cox), '82, 

10 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 


teaches clinical nursing at West Georgia College. 
They have two children, Roger and Erica. 

Bonnie Becraft, 72, and her husband, Tom, 
are pastonng for the Seward Park Church in 
Seattle, Wash. They have two boys, Andrew 
and Nathan. Their first 16 years of ministry 
were served in Japan. Tom teaches English at 
Auburn Adventist .'\cademy. 

Beverly (Benchina) Brett, '79, works as the 
secretary-treasurer for a non-profit organization. 
She isalsoa teacher coordinator for l.oiiia Linda 
Academy. She has two daughters, Alanna and 
Zara. Beverly has been published in /iisix'''. Our 
Lilllf Fneiui, and Primary Treasure. She and her 
husband, Andrew, live in Redlands, Calif. 
Beverly would like to hear from classmates. 
Write to; 1721 E. Colton Ave. #103, Redlands, 
CA 92374. 

Steven Brown, '75, teaches science at 
Wisconsin Academy. His wife, Debbie 
(Erskine), '76, is a full-time mother and part- 
time RN. They have two children, Kristy and 
Erik. They reside in Columbus, Wis. 

Keith Clifton, '77, is a medical director of 
Coastal Emergency Services of Kentucky. He 
and his wife. Sherry, live in Jellico, Tenn. 

Russell Cooper, '78, is chaplain at Smyrna 
Hospital and his wife, Gloria, '78, works there 
part time. They have two children and reside in 
Austell, Ca. 

Judith (Osborne) Crabtree, '71, says, "Vm 
back in school again!" Judith started an OB/ 
GYN nurse practitioner course. Her husband, 
James, attended, is pastor at the Sacramento 
Central Church. Judith is teaching child birth 
classes and is a clinical nurse. 

Tim Crosby, '77, is a writer and producer for 
the Voice of Prophecy. He has published a book, 
/s Your God Rcal^ His wife, Carol (Lombardo), is 
an R\. Thev reside in Newbury Park, Calif. 

Gary Eldridge, '77, is an engineer for Loma 
Linda Medical Center and does free-lance video 
productions. In Ma v of 1989 Gary married Ellen 
(Ramsey), 78 

Gertrude Fleming, '74, isaprivateduty nurse 
She resides in Collegedale, Tenn. 

Fred Fuller, '76, and Rose (Shafer), '73, are 
teaching at Far Eastern Academv in Singapore. 
They say, "Our children have learned to 
appreciate other cultures." They have three 
children, Rebekah, Freddie, and Julie. 

Roseanii Fred Fuller and tamily 

Slmu'iM and David Dozvns and family 

Shawna (Graham) Downs, '76, lives in 
Sacramento, Calif. Her husband, David, is an 
anesthesiologistatSutterGeneral Hospital. They 
have two children, Jercmv and Jennifer. Shawna 
savs she would love to hear from old friends. 

John Grayson, '78, is pastor for the Shuler 
Memorial and Kissimmee churches in Florida. 
He and his wife, Ann, live in St. Cloud, Fla. 

Dan Hall, '78, has been pastor of the Evansville 
Church in Indiana for five years. His wife, 
Susan (Brougham), '75, works part time as an 
RN at Deaconess Hospital. They have two 
children, Carolvn and Sharon, and live in 
Evansville, Ind. 

Dorisann Halvorsen, '72, has transferred from 
Columbia State Community College in 
Tennessee to Andrews University in Berrien 
Springs, Mich., to complete a three-year master's 
degree program in physical therapy. She and 
her husband, Leon, reside in Lawrenceburg, 
Tenn., and have a daughter, Erika, age 12. 

Diana (Adams) 
Hartfield, '73, and her 
husband, Anthony, 
live in Decatur, Ark. 
They have a daughter, 
Diana spends her time 
presenting prayer 
seminars, giving 
marriage and family 
counseling, and 
working for a vseekly 
radio program. 

Jim Hawkins, '74, is an associate pastor at the 
Denver First Church. His wife, Sandy, '74, 
teaches third grade at Mile High Academy and 
Elementary. Jim and Sandy have three children, 
Karen, Andrea, and John. Thev live in Littleton, 

Jonathon Hayes, '70, was a literature 
evangelist for eight years until 1990 when he 
began building homes. His wife, Jeannette 
(Reid), '66, works as a home health visitation 
nurse. They have two daughters and live in 
Greenwood, S.C. 

Teresa (Williams) Hunt, '78, works part time 
as a clinical instructor in the RN program for a 
local community college in Arkansas. Her 
husband, Donald, attended '74-'76, manages 

the emergency service department and CI lab at 
a local hospital. Teresa and Donald have a son, 
Justin, and reside in Mountain Home, Ark., in 
the Ozarks. 

G. D. Jensen, '74, is a member of the USAF 
Nurse Corps. He is the 1991 winner of the 
Brigadier (General Claire Garrecht Award for 
the outstanding scientific research paper. G. D. 
was given the award by the flight nurse section 
of the Aerospace Medical Association. He and 
his wife, Marjorie, live in San Antonio, Texas. 

Carl Koester, '70, is serving as the 
administrator of Blantyre Adventist Hospital 
and associated clinics in Malawi, Africa. His 
wife, Beverly (Herbrandson), '72, teaches at the 
mission's overseas school. They have two sons, 
Eric and Leif. Carl says the family is enjoying 
"the warm heart of Africa." 

Vicki (Clark) Koger, attended, and her 
husband reside in Turner, Ore. They have four 
children. Vicki says, "I'm enjoying our small 
farm out here in the great Northwest." 

Carol (Pape) Lim, '77, and her husband, Hoon, 
areopening their third chiropractic office located 
in the San Diego area. They have three children, 
Matthew, Michael, and Michelle. In September 
Carol returned to school to continue her 
education in the field of psychology. She and 
her family reside in Escondido, Calif. 

ReNae (Schultz) Matthews, '74, has taught in 
an inner-city school in Orlando, Fla., since 1978. 
She is the chairperson of the home economics 
department where she says 40 percent of her 
students are young men ReNae and her 
daughter li\e in Ocoee, Fla. 

Rebecca (Payne) MauUer, '78, has worked on 
the surgical unit at Truman VA Hospital in 
Columbia, Mo., for nine years. She is active with 
VFW Auxiliary, a veteran organization, and 
served as their president this past year. Rebecca 
is also a member of NOVA, the Nurses 
Organization of Veteran Affairs. 

Renita (Mitchell) McDougal, '77, isa licensed 
stock broker for Shearson Lehman Bros. Her 
husband, Todd, attended '74-'78, is a manager 
for McCullers Maintenance. They live in 
Durham, N.C. 

bandy and jim Hawkins and family 



Larry Miller, '78, is the client program 
coordinator for the developmentally disabled at 
Porterville Sheltered Workshop in PorterviUe, 
Calif. He is in charge of the adult development 

Charles Mills 

Charles Mills, '73, is the owner and operator 
of Christian Communications, a company which 
produces films, videotapes, and audio visual 
products for church and commercial clients. He 
is also director and producer of the Sabbath 
School Lesson video, a Bible commentary series. 
In recognition of his book entitled Voyager, he 
received the 1991 Literary Award. The award 
was established to recognize and encourage 
creative writing by Adventist authors. Charles 
has also been the author of two other books, 
dozens of radio and video scripts, and manv 
articles for both children and adults. He and his 
wife, Dorinda, attended, live in Hagerstown, 

Mike Pethel, '78, pastors the Rockford 
Church. His wife, Cathv, works as a registered 
nurse at the Swedish American Hospital. They 
hve in Rockford, Hi. Their daughter, Stacie, was 
married this summer. 

Emey (Underwood) Poenilz, '77, and her 
husband, Steve, live m Grants Pass, Ore. Steve 
is the senior pastor of the Grants Pass Church. 
Emey says, "The climate and people are 
wonderful. You can do everything from white 
water rafting to snow skiing, to walking the 
nearby ocean beaches. It's great. Come see us." 

Judy Ratzlaff, '71, works part time on an IV 
team at St. Joseph's Hospital and part time for a 
medical personnel pool. Her interests are singing 
in the church choir, fixing up her home, folk 
dancing, and shape-note singing. She resides in 
Asheville, N.C. 

Sharon Robberson, '71, resides in St. Louis, 
Mo. She stays active with work for her church. 
Her husband, Paul, is an actuary with Miller, 
Mason and Dickenson. The Robbersons have 
two daughters. Heather and Maria. Sharon 
says, "1 had a great time at alumni last vear 
seeing old friends. 1 hope to attend this fall for 
my 20th." 

Kalhy (Cross) Sanderford, '77, is a part-time 
registered nurse for an outpatient surgical 
facility. Her husband, Richard, attended, is a 

dentist in Fort Myers, Fla. They have two 
children, Justin and Aubrey. She and her family 
reside in Lehigh Acres. 

Connie (Nelson) Serl, '79, is a part-time 
bookkeeper for a lumber company. Herhusband, 
Larry, is an RN. They have two children. Heather 
and Mitchell. Connie and her family reside in 
College Place, Wash. 

Harry Sharley, '76, says, 'T'm enjoying life." 
He and his wife, Lori (Smith), pastor three 
churches around the Wytheville, Va., area. In 
1990 Harry completed two years of graduate 
studies at the theological seminary of Andrews 
University. During those two years, he spent 
two months studying in Jerusalem. Harry and 
Lori sav, "If you drive up 1-81, stop by and say 

Jonathan Shields, '76, and his wife, Maureen 
(Koles), live in Waynesville, Ohio. Jonathan 
teaches social science and Spanish at Spring 
Valley Academy. Jonathan describes Maureen 
as "a full-time home executive caring for our 
kids, Nathan and Esther." 

John Smith, '72, is an emergency physician 
and the vice president for a regional northwest 
medical group. Heandhiswife, Alice, are active 
in their local church. They have two sons. John 
enjoys camping, backpacking, skiing, mountain 
climbing, gardening, and running. He and his 
family reside in West Richmond, Wash. 

Marcie (Woolsey) Spears, '79, left her teaching 
position at Southern in 1990 and married her 
husband, Steve, '75, on June 10, 1990. They 
moved to Sacramento, Calif., where Marcie 
teaches in the department of anatomy for the 
school of medicineat the Universitv of California. 
Marcie and Steve had their first child in August 

Vicki Swanson, '71 , works at Florida Hospital 
as an office coordinator/ manager. Her office, 
Centrahealth Network, works with physicians 
and other hospitals to build mutually beneficial 
relationships. Vicki currently lives in Winter 
Park, Fla. 

Kevin Wilson, '78, captured 68 percent of the 
votes for the position of Collegedale municipal 
court judge in August 1990. Kevin, an attorney, 
will serve an eight-year term. He and his wife, 
Scarlett, reside in Collegedale, Tenn. 

Virginia (Smith) Winters, '73, and her 
husband, Jim, taught at Lawrenceburg 
Elementary School in Tennessee for nine years. 
They have moved to Stockton, Calif., to teach at 
the elementary school there. 

Daniel Zeman, '70, is the director of tax for 
the White Plains, N.Y., office of Ernst and Young. 
He and his wife, Nena, attended, have lived in 
Ridgefield, Conn., since 1970. Daniel says, "We 
enjoyed attending the 1990 homecoming and 
seeing a lot of friends there." 


Emey and Steve Poenitz 

Gary Williams, '79, is assistant registrar for 
undergraduate affairs at Andrews Universitv. 
His wife, Alice, attended, is a public health 
nutritionist for Berrien County in Michigan. Thev 
have a daughter, Alisa, in first grade. 

Jessie Adams, '81 , resides in Atlanta, Ga. She 
is a public health nurse for the Fulton County 
Health Department. Jessie savs, "1 enjoy working 
with children in well child chnics." 

Carolyn (Sheffield) Anderson, '84, and her 
husband, Mvron, celebrated their sixth wedding 
armi versa ry and thebirth of their son, Alexander, 
in July, 1991. Myron works for the computer 
division of Adventist Health System-Sunbelt. 
Carolyn is a teacher at Forest Lake Elementary 
Educational Center. Thev reside in Apopka, Fla. 

Robin (Hamaker) Atkins, '81, works the 
flexipool for a children's hospital in Alabama. 
Her husband, Ron, '82, is head nurse for the GI 
lab at Carra way Methodist Medical Center. They 
have two children, Erin and Marisa. The Atkins 
family attends Roebuck Church and lives in 
Gardendale, Ala. 

Bill Bass, '87, has been working at Fletcher 
Academy for four years. He is the dean and 
teaches woodworking and auto mechanics. His 
wife, Teresa, '85, was working at Hansen, 
Johnson and Associates, a CPA firm, before 
becoming a full time mother for their son, Brian, 
born Dec. 29, 1990. 

Terry Bateman, '80, assists his father in 
running a small printing business, Bateman 
Printing Service, on the campus of Columbia 
Union College in Maryland. He is actively 
involved in Ingathering campaigns, running, 
swimming, and lifting weights. He resides in 
Germantovvn, Md. 

Tim Beaulieu, '83, and his wife, Rita, '83, 
have a baby daughter, Elizabeth Tara. She was 
born Jan. 28, 1991, at Erlanger Medical Center in 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Elizabeth weighed 7 lbs. 
and 13 oz. 

Catherine (Linnid) Bidwell, '84, and her 
husband, Kevin, reside in Walla Walla, Wash. 
Catherine and Kevin have two children, Kevin 
and Aubree. She says, "For relaxation I enjoy 
tending a big garden." 

Krisfina Brewer, '89, works full time at 
Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga on the 
medical-surgical floor. She also works part time 
for a local nursing agency and for Primerica 
Financial Services. Krisfina is also working 
toward her bachelor of science degree in nursing. 
She lives in Collegedale. 

12 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 


Rhonda Champion, '82, was elected to the 
board of directors ot G. R. Rush and Co. She is 
a certified public accountant. Rhonda has been 
with the firm for the past five years and manages 
the client accounting and small busmess division 
of the firm. She serves as secretary of the local 
chapter of the National Association of 
Accountants and is treasurer of the First 
Chattanooga Church. 

Jodie (Evans) Coomer, attended, works at 
Westlake Hospital as OR/RR coordinator. She 
and her husband, Barry, reside in Columbia, Ky . 
Thev have two boys, Brandon and Adam. 

Jeffrey Coston, '84, is in his residency training 
in anesthesia at the Medical College of Ohio. His 
wife, Debra (Odell), '84, works full time as an 
K.\'. Ill their spare time they renovate their new- 
home. Jeffrey and Debra reside in Toledo, Ohio. 

Janice Cox, attended, teaches college 
composition at Auburn University, where she 
will receive her master's degree in English. Her 
children, Adrienne and Brent, attend Southern. 

-.1 " j^'^J^ 

Teddie and Emanuel Damcff 

Teddie (Bei) Dameff, '86, was married to 
Emanuel, '87, May 20, 1 990. He graduated from 
the medical school of the University of Miami in 
May. Emanuel continues a residency program 
in neurology at Gainesville, Fla. 

Julia (Newlon) Danforth, '82, married Todd 
in September 1989. Todd works as a systems 
analyst for MAG Mutual Insurance Company. 
]ulia works for Georgia Highland Medical 
Services, a community health care center. They 
live near Atlanta in Roswcll, Ga., and say they 
"welcome \isits from friends." 

Martha Dannenberger, '80, works as an ER 
nurse at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in 
Rockville, Md. She lives in Tappahannick, Va. 
Martha would love to hear from friends. 

Doris Daugherty, '84, works as an 
administrative assistant at Ridgevievv 
Community Care Homes Inc., a residential care 
home for psychiatric rehabilitation. She resides 
in Greer, S C. 

Karl Doemer, '83, has been pastor of the San 
Antonio Laurel Heights Church since April, 1 991 . 
He and his wife, Trudy, made the change from 
the Tyler-Athens district in Texas. After Karl 
graduated from Southern, he worked in the 
Georgia-Cumberland Conference where he was 
ordained. Karl and Trudy have two children, 
Nona Griesman and Benjamin. 

Jennifer (Casavanf) dos Santos, '89, and her 
husband, Brian, '88, live in the state of 
Washington where Brian accepted a job with the 
Boeing plant. They have a son, Tyler. Jennifer 
says, "I've chosen to stay home and take care of 
my son." 

Robert Dubsky, '86, travels often. In 
September of 1990 he went to Venezuela for big 
game fishing. In June he planned logo fishing in 
Alaska for 300 lb. halibut. Robert lives in Winter 
Park, Fla. 

Zell Ford, '86, and his wife, Heide, '86, moved 
from Orlando, Fla. to Wauchula, Fla. They 
pastor two churches. Heide enjoys writing as 
the new editor for Shepherdessence, a newsletter 
for pastors' wives in Florida. Zell and Heide say , 
"We enjoy riding motorcycles, especially when 
we visit church members." 

Paul Fuchcar, '80, resides with his wife, Jenica, 
and daughter, Brooke, in Ooltewah, Tenn. He is 
a recruitment coordinator for Chattanooga State 
Technical Community College. Paul is working 
toward a master's degree in human resource 
development from Vanderbilt University. 

Bruce Goeckeritz, '82, returned home March 
20, 1991, after spending seven months with 
Operation Desert Shield/Storm. He was based 
at Ft. Stewart, Ga. He and his wife. Laurel, have 
a son. Rex. They live m Hinesville, Ga. 

Cary Gregory, attended, died June 17, 1991, 
from complications associated with cancer. He 
resided in Atlanta, Ga. 

Michael Greve, '84, runs a group home for 
developmentally disabled people. For the past 
eight years he spent his time with graduate work 
and jobs for human service agencies. Michael 
resides in Rockville, Md. 

Wesley Hall, '87, and his wife, Jan, pastor 
both the Rocky Mt TarboroChurch and Roanoke 
RapidsChurch in theCarolina Conference. They 
live in Littleton, N.C. 

Eilene (Whitaker) Hazel, '80, has a medical 
transcription business at home. Her husband, 
Jim, is a vice president of a hospital in Dalton, 
Ga. They have one daughter, Hanaleigh, and 
reside in Chatsworth, Ga. 

Glenn Holland, '84, and his wife. Donna 
(Freeman), '82, live in New London, N.C, with 
their two children, Keith and Trina. Thev pastor 
the Albemarle and Concord churches. Albemarle 
was Donna's home church as a child. 

Vicki Innis, '84, supervises the physical 
therapy department at Lake Placid Medical 
Center, a 50 bed hospital in central Florida. She 
lives in Lake Placid. 

Daria Jarreft, '86, graduated from Loma Linda 
University School of Medicine in May 1990. 
After graduation she did an internship at San 
BernardinoCounty MedicalCenter. In July 1991 
DarIa started an OB/GYN residency at Glendale 
Adventist Medical Center. 

Donna and 

Holland and 

Chen and Robert Jimenez 

Robert Jimenez, '87, married Cheri (Carrick) 
September 15. Robert is the director of public 
relations for theOrlandoOpera Company. Cheri 
is a financial analyst for Florida Hospital in 
Orlando. They reside in Casselberry, Fla. 

Stephen Johnson, '89, lives in Ooltewah, Tenn. 
He is in finance training with a company in 

Paul Kennedy, '86, resides in Loma Linda, 
Calif. Paul works at Loma Linda University 
Medical Center. 

Kevin Klinvex, '86, and his wife, Jacquie 
(Pruski), '86, live in Pittsburgh, Pa. Kevin earned 
his master's in industrial/organizational 
psychology from the University of Akron and 
works at Development Dimensions International. 
Jacquie received her master's in urban and 
regional planning from the University of 
Pittsburgh. She works as a city planner. 

Bonnie (Smith) Kotula, '82, married her 
husband, Armand, on August 11, 1990. She 
works asa secretary at Porter Memorial Hospital. 
They reside in Littleton, Colo. 

Thomas Kruger, '83, and his wife, Linda, '86, 
live in Paradise, Calif., with their five children. 
Thomas is a surgical nurse at Feather River 
Hospital. Linda is a burn nurse at Chico 
Community Hospital. 

Karen (Smith) Kundinger, 81, and her 
husband, Elmer, reside in Maitland, Ha. She 
works as research coordinator for the family 
practice residency at Florida Hospital in Orlando, 
Fla. Karen also works with her husband part 
time in their marketing company. 

Bonnie Lake, '83, and her husband, Judson, 
'82, live in Jackson, Miss. Bonnie is a contract 
nurse and has started a business on the side. 
Judson pastors the local church. They have two 
children. Shelly and Joshua. 



Tarsee Li 

Tarsee Li, '80, pastors the Midland and Bay 
City churches in Michigan. He resides in 
Freeland, Mich. 

Karen (Darbo) Littell, '82, Hves with her 
husband, Glenn, m Los Angeles, Calif. Karen 
graduated from the University of California- 
Los Angeles School of Medicine. Following a 
one year internal medicine internship at Cedars 
Sinai Medical Center, she will start residency 
trainmg m anesthesiology at UCLA. Glenn is a 
resident in pathology at the University of 
Southern California. 

Angela (Addison) Lorenz, '80, and her 
husband. Dean, reside in Loma Linda, Calif. She 
is a case management coordinator at Loma Linda 
University Medical Center. Dean is in residency 
for physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Leslie Mathewson, '83, and his wife, Kellie 
(Sauer), '86, live in Columbia, S.C. Leslie was 
conferred a master's of social work in May 1991 , 
from the University of South Carolina. Kellie 
works as a nurse in pediatric intensive care. 

Victoria (Oliver) McConnell, '88, and her 
husband, Steve, attended, reside in Trinity, Ala. 
Steve is a chemical engineer at the Amoco plant 
in Decatur. Victoria is an RN at Decatur General 
Hospital in the intensive care and coronary units. 

John McVay, '80, and his wife, Pam (Aalburg), 

'80, reside in Angwin, Calif. John teaches in the 
religion department at Pacific Union College. 
He is completing a Ph.D. from the University of 
Sheffield, United Kingdom. Pam is a labor and 
delivery nurse at St. Helena Hospital. They have 
a son, Marshall. 

Chris Miller, '83, is an ICU nurse manager at 
Baxter County Regional Hospital. His wife, 
Donna Miller, '83, is a part time RN at Good 
Samaritan Nursing Home. They have three 
children, Eric. Scott, and Melissa, and live in 
Gamaliel, Ark, 

Rita (Merchant) Miller, '80, is busy as mother 
for her two children, Valerie and Michael. Rita 
teaches three choir chime classes at a junior 
academy. Her husband, Gordon, '80, is principal 
and teaches grades five through eight. "The 
Millers live in Crescent City, Calif. 

Christopher Mitchell, '89, works at the 
Medical Center Hospital as an exercise specialist 
and a coronary by-pass rehabilitation assistant. 
He lives in Port Charlotte, Fla. 

Dawn MoUenkopf, '84, is at Walla Walla 
College teaching coursework for the education 
department in the special education minor and 
master's program, supervising practicums, and 
assisting with micro teaching labs. 

Heidi (Snider) Moon, '84, is an assistant head 
nurse in ICU at Hutcheson Medical Center in 
Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. She is working towards 
her master's in nursing from Andrews 
University. Heidi and her husband, Paul, reside 
in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Debbie Neyman, '81, and her husband, 
Parker, live in Chattanooga, Tenn. Debbie, an 
RN, gave a welcome address at the American 
Heart Association's 41st Annual Cardiac 
Symposium for nurses. 

Peggy Norton, '81, is certified in intravenous 
therapy and is an RN on an IV team at 
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. Her 
husband, Jim, '82, works in the maintenance 
department in the same hospital. The Nortons 
live on six acres in Campobella, S.C, where thev 
are building their own home. They have two 
children, Brian and Bethany. 

Louie Parra, '82, and his wife, Nancy (LeBrun), 

'80, teach at Greater Boston Academy. Louie is 
the registrar, teaches Spanish and two religion 
courses, and runs the community service 
program. Nancy is the treasurer and teaches 
business classes. They have two children, Jeremy 
and Nikki. 

Kevin Pires, '81, is a nurse at Hamilton 
Medical Center in the operating room. His wife, 
Beth, '77, works part time as church and school 
secretary. Thev ha ve t wo daughters, Shellie and 
Karla, and live in Dalton, Ga. 

Ron Priest, '90, and his wife, Juli (Zacharias), 
'84, pastor the Winter Garden Church. Juli 
teaches piano lessons part time. They have a 
son, Ryan, and reside in Orlando, Fla. 

Bobby Rada, '87, and his wife Cheryl (Good), 

'86, had a baby, Leslie Rene', on July 4, 1991. 
They reside in CoUegedale. 

Nina (Wollard) Roberts, '81 , and her husband, 
Jim, live in Damascus, Md., and report they 
have completely restored their 100-year-old 
house. Jim is a civil engineer with Bechtel 
Corporation. Nina is the nurse manager of an 
emergency clinic. Thev have two sons, Thadeus 
and Matthew. 

Marciann (Crook) Robertson, '80, received 
her MSN from the University of Louisville in 
1988. She is an administrative specialist at the 
Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. 
She and her husband, Jacob, have two daughters, 
Shelley and Sydni. 

Dale Seek, attended '81, lives on a farm in 
Gaithersburg, Md., and has purchased a home 
in Sarasota, Fla. He builds waterfalls and does 
custom landscaping. Dale says, "1 am still single 
and say hello to all my classmates." 

Twyla Shank, '89, works at Sovran Bank as a 
secretary. She resides in Madison, Tenn. 

Tim Sheridan, '89, and his wife, Brenda, pastor 
the Myrtle Beach and Kingstree churches. They 
have one son, Stephen. Tim and Brenda say, 
"We are looking to have another child by next 
year." They live in Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

David Shields, '84, and his wife, Sondra, '85, 
are in residency at Mayo Clinic. He is in 
pathology and she is in anesthesiology. They 
plan to move back to the southeast after 
completing training and military service 
obligations. They reside in Rochester, Minn. 

John Thompson, '82, and his wife, Judy, live 
in Ft. Collins, Colo., and enjoy the Rockies. They 
are both physical therapists. 

James Watson, '82, graduated as a general 
surgeon at WrightState University in June 1991 , 
where he continues study in plastic surgery. He 
and his wife live in Knoxville, Tenn. 

Paul Ware, ' 87, graduated from the medical 
college of Virginia Commonwealth University 
in May 1991, in Richmond, Va. He lives in 
Newport News, Va. 

Brenda Young, '84, works in pediatrics at 
Avista SDA Hospital in Luisville, Colo. She 
reports, "1 am single and have been doing a lot 
of skiing and horseback riding, and I'm taking 
art type classes." She resides in Boulder, Colo, 


Kim McWhorter, '90, is corporate vice 
president in charge of marketingand advertising 
at Laserdisc Enterprises Inc. She resides in 
Marietta, Ga, 

Allan Martin, '90, has started his Ph.D. 

program in clinical psychology at Fuller 
Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. Allan 
is the youth/ young adult minister at theCentral 
Filipino Church. 

Doug Pratt, '91 , resides in CpUegedale and 
attends Middle Tennessee State Uhiversity. He 
was nominated for the national dean's list. 

James Snowden, attended, passed away May 
31, 1991, as a result of congenital heart failure. 
He was a sophomore broadcast journalism major. 

Darin Stewart, '91, received the 1991 Judge 
M. C. Taft Law Scholarship from the General 
Conference. Darin lives in Orlando, Fla. 

Penny (Teeter) Henley, '90, is an RN at 
Memorial Hospital. Her husband, John, finished 
his master's in biology during the summer of 
1991. They reside in Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Dale Seek 

14 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 

Thank You . . 

For one hundred years thisTennessee school has grown and bomefruit because of a long 
list of individuals and organizations who have shared their resources to support its mission 
and programs. The following list of recent donors is cumulative and includes those who 
have given $250 or more within the past three fiscal years (between July 1 , 1 988, and May 
31 , 1 990). Patrons gave in the most recent fiscal year. 

Every attempt has been made for accuracy. If by chance yourname has been misspelled, 
inadvertently omitted, or misplaced, please accept our sincere apologies and advise the 
Development Office. 

tfirst time in category 


♦ Donor Gift Cubs ♦ 





Anderson, Eugene 
Bemer. Perry & Anne 
Boltomley, Neall 
Bowers. Robert & Norma 
Burdick, Paul & Bilie 
Cason. Bud 

Caslleberg, David & Evelyn 
Clark, D J 

Cottey, Cecil & Bardra 
Colhren, Frederec & Edyltie 
Cowdnck, Jesse & Gtace 
Dart, •Merrill & Mona 
«Dean. Olivia 

Fleming, Jr., Charles & Betty 
Hall. Albert & Novella 
Hickman. James 
Hulsey, Bill & Myrtle 
Hunter, Don 
lies. Bill & Jean 
Johnson, Oscar 
Levering, Irad & Thelma 
McElroy, Buddy & Joy 
McKee, Debra 
McKee, Ellsworth & Sharon 
McKee, Jack & Betty 
McKee, O.D 
McKee "Ruth 
McNeilus, Deniil & Donna 
Nelson. William 
Pangbom, Eva 
Pieslon, Forrest 
Reynolds, 'Maurme 
Rut, A, F 

Schmidt, Ehrich 
Taylor, William & Elsie 
Ulmer, Sanlord & Martha 
Wilson, Charles 
Wood. Elmyra 




$10,000 25,000 

Baker, Sue 

Barto. Michael 

Blair, Mardian 


tBoyd, 'Jimmie 

Boyle, Jim & Oatleen 

Brock, Richard 

Bunerfieid, An 

Byrd, Cookie 

Campbell, Thomas 

Cardey, Audrey 

Chastain, Chaimer 

Chen, Tony & Delma 

Coppock, Lucille 

Cross, Darrell 4 Billie 

tCurry, Fred 

Cushman, Willis & Thelma 

Davis, KR& Jeanne 

OeFoor, Kenneth & Judith 

Elkins, Harold 

Eurick, Dewey 

Fuller, Fred 

Fuller. MD, Forrest & Norma 

Garner, Julius & Beverly 

Graves, Charles 

Henriksen, David 

Huenergatdl, Howard & Charlotte 

Jacobs, Carl & Ruth 

Janzen, Wayne & Elaine 

Jarrett, David & Oarlyne 

Kulzner, Waldemar 

Leiand, M , John 

♦Lindberg. Eviyn 

tludingion, Clilf 

Maddox, Theo 

Martin, Gerald & Kathleen 

McClarty Jack & Wilma 

McGhmnis, BiH & Kitty 

tMcKee, Michael & Angela 

McKinney, J,R, 

Merchant. Bob & Agnes 
Michals, Herbert J 
Mitchell, Jason &Meart 
Murphy, Harvey 
tOdom, Robert & Martha 
Pendleton, Les & Barbara 
Preston, Winton 
Rimmet, 'Wayne 
Rushing, Jan & Patricia 
Sines, Al & Lynota 
Sommerville, Lewis 
Spanos, 'Alberta 
Tail, Reid & Ardith 
Taylor, Dennis & Joan 
Waller, LOUIS & Sue 
Wheeler, Ira 
Williams, James 
tWoodaii, Hermon 





Berkey, Jr,. William & Candy 
Chong. Dayton 
Clark, Jerome & Ann 
tOonald, Ruby 
Durichek, Sr, John & Helen 
Graves, Charles 
Gulley, Norman & Leona 
tMcElroy, Jay & Stephanie 
tMcKee, Jr , Rusty 
Messinget, 'Harold 
♦Murphy, Bob & Anne 
Reiner, Richard & Lynnet 
Stevens, John & Wyn 
tTayloi. Victdr & Ruth 
tWilkins, Bonnie 
Winters, David & Judy 
2inke, Edward 





Adams, Robert 
Andrews. Frances 
tBaehm, George & Tena 
Brickman, Theresa 
tCrandell. William & Dons 
Cross, Jessie 
Cursetiee, Xerxes 
Cursetiee. Zareer 
Duge, John & Mildred 
Ford, Carroll & Betty 
Haynes, Carole 
Hoosier, Marianne 
tJones, Marcy 
tLawing, Lloyd 
Liu, Ruth 
Payne, Dons 
Reilsnyder, Edward 
Richert, Lindley & Charlene 
Satumo, Malinda 
Simmons, Matidn 
Smith, William 
Speyer, John 
Taylor II, William & Pam 
Vollmer, Mary 
Werner. Tom 
Wong, Alice 





Adams, Flora 
Austin, Wiley & Alice 
Barrow Ron 
Bowers, David 
tBoyd, Dorothea 

Boyd, Miriam 
Burdick, Al & Doris 
Cashman, Marion 
Chastain, Andrew & Shirley 
Cowdnck, 'Elizabeth 
Cruise, Joseph 
Davis, 'James 
♦Davis, James & Martha 
♦Dtayson, Ronald 
Elkins, Lynn & Paula 
Fisher, Buddy 
Fulchet, Cyril & Gladys 
Carver, Phillip & Betty 
Hall, Stephen & Mary 
Hamilton, Ted & Jackie 
Hanson, Larry & Eleanor 
Haupt, William 
Henson. Shandelle 
Howell, Walter 
Muggins, Detain & Dia 
lies. Dale 
Jensen, Robert 
♦Jewett, David & Jenny 
♦Johannes, Joseph 
Keeie, Ariie 
♦Kerr, Elton 8, Marga 
Lamberth, Carl 
Larsen. Richard 
Lob, Daniel 

♦Malgadey, Peter & Beth 
Mallernee. Roliin & Karen 
Martin. Don 

McFariand, Thomas & Ina 
♦McKee, Christdpher & Janei 
Metcaif, Bill 
Mitzellelt, Richard 
Morris, Derek & Bodil 
Neyman, Parker & Debra 
♦Patterson, Barry 
Reed, Don 

Reynolds, William & Mable 
Rolle, Cecil 

Rozell, Daniel & Joann 
Rut. Rolland & Tina 
Shaw, Rahn 
Slas. William & Esther 
♦Sloan, Rictiard & Thyra 
Smith, Raymond 
Sp»s, Kenneth & Mildred 

Sue. Bill & Rubye 
Thompson, 'J C 
Townsend Dale & Janet 
Vigh, Alexander & Susonya 
♦Von Maack, Wolfgang & Hazel 
Wells, Laurel 

♦Whidden, Chartes & Jewel 
♦Whitehead, Henson 
♦Willis, William & Jan 
Wygal, Beniamm 




Abbott, Maurice & Dorothy 
Abu— el-hai, Fawzi 
Abu-El-Hai. 'Joan 
Acull, Calvin & Jo 
Adam. John 

Adams, Elison & Barbara 
Adams, John 
Alexander, James 
Ammons, Robert & Frances 
Anderson, Judith 
Andrews, James 
Arbury, Dorothy 
Ashlock. Marcelia 
Ashton, Bruce 
Avant, Edward & Oiane 
Baker, Ruth 
♦Bandiola, Ben 
Bennett, Doug & Nell 
Biggs, Georgene 
Bishop, St , Wilder & Helen 
Blake, Steven & Robyn 
Blanco, Jack 
Bogovich. 'George 
Bohannon, Donald 
Bolton, Bob & Becky 
Bottslorb, John & Jane 
Bowen, Bob & Ooilie 
Boyd, Maunne 
♦Boyd, Velma 
♦Bracken, Jeanette 


Braley. Bradford & Olive 

Lacey, Charles & Gloria 

Swayze, Donald 8< Mary 

Downs, Shawna 

Moore, Benny & Barbara 

AcutI, Fred & Chloe 

Brannan, William 

Leas, Larry 

Tail Bradley & Jill 

Dresser, Emily 

Moore, Evelyn 

Adams, Betty 

tBreece, Raimond 

Liles, Aubrey 8i Barbara 

Thurmon, James & Judy 

Duerksen, Russell 

Moore, Jones 8. Patricia 

Adams, Jessie 

Brown, Maxine 

Lilly. Michael & Delynne 

Towles, Eddie 

Earp, Royce 

Moore, P J 

♦Addison, Mark 

+Bullock, Thomas & Naomi 

Lonberg, John 

Travis, Paul & Grace 

East, Robert & Mane 

♦Mote, Donald 8, Rene 

Adels, Daniel 

Burchard, Robert & Ann 

Macdonald, Nellie 

Troxel, Josephine 

Eller, Edward & Tracy 

Myers, Clifford 

Aebersold, Charles 

Burton, Alfred 

Magoon, David 8. Sue 

♦Tucker, A R 

Estate ol. Marguerite GrotI 

Nelson, Harry 

Aguas, Michael 8, Patti 

Butler, Howard 

Manuel, Percy 

Turtington, Drew & Rita 

Facundus, M D , Jack 8, Elsie 

♦Nelson, Kalrina 

Aitken, Kalhy 

Carpenter, William & Dons 

Marlowe, Linda 

Vallieres, Scott 8, Sharfyn 

♦Falk, Pete & Mane 

Nelson, Lorene 

Albock, Dons 

Center, Richard 

Marsa, Gordon 

Van Arsdell, Marcia 

Filler, Judson 8. Carlene 

Oldham, Ray 

Albntton, Jerry & Elizabeth 

tChisholm, Darrell & Evelyn 

Martin, Edwin 

♦Van Oolson, Leo 

Finley, LyIe 

♦Olsen, Allen 

Albury, Candace 

Clapp, Willard & ins 

Mashburn, Joe & Sally 

VanOeVere, Wayne 

Flach, Charles 8. Barbara 

Olsen, Glut 

♦Albury, Charia 

Clark, Walter 

+May, Joyce 

von Henner, Chan 8r Rosalie 

♦Fowler, John & Marilyn 

Olson, Jessie 

Aldrich, Betty 

i-Ciifton, Keilh 

McAllister, lone 

Walter, Elden 

Fox, Archie 8. Lorraine 

Parker, Philip 

♦Alexander, Riccardo 

Cloutier, Clarence 

McArthur, Beniamin & Caroline 

Wareham, Alice 

Franz, Clyde & Eulalia 

Perez, Arturo 8^ Pearl 

Allan, Nelda 

Comstock, M D , Delos 

McCandless, Skip 

Warren, Steven 

Fuller, George & Sally 

Peters, Louesa 

♦Allen, David 

tCoolidge, Bert 

McClure, Alfred & Frances 

Watson, Paul 8, Ruth 

♦Gallimore, Lyndon 8i Evonne 

♦Peterson, Judy 

♦Allen, Jean 

Coolidge, Everett 

McClure, Warner & Evelyn 

♦Weaver, Leslie & Diana 

Gardner, Roger 

Railz, Robert 

Allen, Neil 8, Cynthia 

Colhren, Elisabettt 

McMillan, Frank 8. Nancy 

West, Jr , Donald 

Gentry, David 

Rausch, Robert & Judith 

♦Allen, Pamela 

Cowdrick, Ivlary 

McMillan, Robert 8. BeBy 

West, Si , Donald & Florence 

Gentry, Michael 8. Joanne 

Reiber, Evelyn 

Allen, Paul 

Cowdrick, Robert & Dorothy 

McNulty, John I, Frances 

♦Wiese, Calvin & Tammy 

Gimbel, Gregory 8. Karen 

Reiber, Milton 8, Eunice 

Allen, Rose 

Crandell, fvfera/yn & Donna 

Medlord, Menlon 

Wilhelm, Kathryn 

♦Glenn, Danelte 

Reid, Neida 

Alonso, Rene 8. Waldina 

Crawford, Rolland 

tMeisler, Adam 

♦Will, Stanley &Bennie 

Green, Richard 8. Elaine 

♦Rickaby, Jerry & Linda 

♦Amick, Ronald 

Culpepper, James & Judy 

Meister, Rictiard 

Willetl, Robert 

Griffin, Peggy 

♦Robertson, Debi 

Anders, Pamela 

Cummings, Des & Mary 

Midkiff, Lorabel 

Williams, Larry & Nellie 

Guthrie, Patti 

Roddy, Fairra 

Anderson, Dale & Jeanette 

Oannenberger, li/fartha 

Miller, Scott 

♦Wilson, Don 

♦Haiuska, Jan 

Rodgers, Rozelle 

Anderson, Lonnie 8. Becky 

Davis, Scott 

Mizelle, Oianne 

Wilson, Morns 

♦Harrelson, Amos 

Schiefer, Mark 

♦Anderson, Pauline 

De Vasher, Bernard 

Moody, Harold 

Wittenberg, Merlin 8i Janice 

Harris, Charles & Ruth 

Shaffer, Nancy 

Anderson, Wayne 

tDeLay, Judy 

Moore, Robert & Lois 

Wong, Robert 

Harris, Pamela 

Sharian, Serphouhi 


Dick, Donald 

tMorris, James 

Wood, Robert 

Harrison, Billie 

Shelden, Raymond 8. Emalyn 


Ditles, Albert & Patricia 

Morrison, Robert & Patricia 

Woodall, "Irene 

Haupl, Ronald & Faye 

♦Shields, Ruby 

♦Antone, April 

tOowns, Nevin 

Murdoch, Ruth 

Yelvmglon, Clare 

Hawthorne, Bill & Mary 

♦Shorter, Roland 8. Louise 

♦Arbour, William 

Dysinger, William 

Muschette, Vivian 

Young, Richard 8, Phyllis 

♦Hay, Linda 


Archie, Peter 8. Sharon 

Flam, liflary 

Neai, Edward 8, Linda 

Hendershol, Ralph 

♦Silver, Bob 8. Patricia 

♦Arencibia, Edeimiro 

tEldridge, Gary & Ellen 

Nooner, Darrell 

Henderson, Willred & Mary 

♦Smith, David & Cherie 

♦Arms, Peter 

Etickson, Richard 

Okimi. Wayne 


♦Hendry, Malone 

Snyder, Jr , Richard 

Arthui, Richard 

Eusey, Kathryn 

Orange, Patricia 


♦Hodgkin, Jeanie 

Soier, Eddie 

Artress, Mary 

Evans, Dwight & Donna 

Palmour, Frank 8i Patricia 

Holland, David 

Sorensen, Niel & Ruby 

Artress, D D,S , Elwin 

Farrow, Joe 

Palsgrove, John & Carol 


Holmes, Oliver 8. Laura 

♦Soule, Joseph & Helen 

♦Asgeirsson, Leif 

Ferree, Nellie 

Parker, David & Marilyn 

♦Horsley, Brooks 

♦Spears, Steve & Marcie 

Ashcraft, Larry 8. Linda 

Fisher, Dale 8. Belly 

tPayne, Larry 

Hughes, Claude & Winnie 

♦Sperrazza, Robert 8. Jackie 

♦Ashlock, George 

Folkenberg, Robert 

Payne, Laveta 

Hughes, Ross & Betty 

Stanley, Richard 8. Coleen 

Ashlock, Tom & Betty 

Friberg, Jr , Russell 

♦Peek, Leon 

Anderson, Gene 
Bauet, David 
Bennett, Harry 8. Ercel 
Berrelt, Elaine 
Beugnot, Eva 
Bishop, 'Loren 
Bishop, Robert 
Blasius, John 
Boksberger, Hans-Peter 
♦Bothe, Barbara 
♦Boyd, 'Robert 
Boyson, Jack 8, Beverly 
Brock, Robert 
Brown, Koy 

Brown, Ronald & Glenda 
Brownlow. Joseph & Heather 
♦Buck, Elsie 
♦Bonn, David 
Burns, Richard 
Butler, Alma 
♦Butler, Diane 
Cabalo, Gerry 
Cherne, Brent 8. Tammy 
♦Chisholm, Cheryle 
♦Christiansen, Hugo 
Closser, James 8. Myrna 
Cookson, Royce 
Coolidge, Bill 
Costerisan, Francis 
Colhren, Frederec 
Colhren Jack 
Coulter, Wayne 
Crowder, Katharyn 
Dart, Archa & Teddy 
Davis, Cecil & Doris 
Davis, Scott 
Dawal, Laneta 
Degrave, Sheri 
Deloney, George 
Dickerholf, Beverly 
Dingle, Roy 

Huh, Young 8. Kaftienne 

Steen, David & Linda 

Ashton, Danny & Vicki 

Fuller, Glenn & Jeannine 

♦Perdue, Ramon 

Ingram, Ruth 

♦Stepanske, Bruce 8. Jeanette 

♦Astacio, Litzie 

Fuller, Ivlylle 

tPelersen, Margarele 

Jackson, Connie 

Stone, Terry 

Afcttley, Laura 

Geary, W A 

Phillips, Harold & Betty 

♦Jenks, Lowell 

Strayer, Brian 

Atkins, Jacob & Beverly 

Gibson, Rutti 

Pierce, Charles 

Jones, William 8, Barbara 

Stretling, Ruth 

Atkins, Ronafd 8. Robin 

GifOert, Orlo 

Pierson, Pauline 

Keaton, Marlene 

Sumpter, Ward 

Attride, Sherry 

Gooch, David & Kalhy 

Piter, John & Lorraine 

Keith, William & Nellah 

♦Swigart, Carmen 

♦Autderhar, Rebecca 

Goodbrad, John & Rulh 

Pritchett, Gary 

Kelly, Ronn 

♦Taylor, George & Margaret 

♦Auge, Tammy 

Gordon, M D 

Read, Peter 

Ki|ak, Marie 

Taylor, John 

Aumack, Sherry 

tGreen, Jon 

Reid, Edward 8. Kalhy 

King, Roger 8. Jolena 

♦Terrell, Richard & Sharon 

Greenfeaf, Floyd & Betty 

tRemmers, Eugene & Carolyn 

Klaver, John & Louise 

♦Theus, William 8, Deborah 


tGrisard, Dena 

Richards, E, E. 

Korft, Renou 

Thompson, Margaret 

Gusso, Rick & Millie 

Richards, William 8^ Evonne 

♦Koudele, Chartes 8. Betty 

♦Thompson, Verle 8, Deborah 

Hakes, Robert & Mariorie 

Richert, Jr, Arthur 8. Joyce 

♦Krause, Kassandra 

Thoresen, Nelson 8, Brenda 

♦BaOcock, George 

tHarlow, Bruce 

Ringer, Bruce 

Kroeger, Don 

Tolhurst, Ethel 

Bachelier, Orren & Rachel 

tHarrison, Estrella 

Ritchie, Max & Kay 

Kuester, William 

Tolhursi, Frederick 8. Jane 

♦Baer, David 

Hartwell Thelma 

Robertson, Marvin 8, Jeanie 

Kuykendall, Fred 

Trimble, Aline 

♦Baez, Thomas 

Hedrick, fVlary 

Robinson, Ralph 

♦Lamb, Edward & Katie 

Trummer, Max & Eslher 

♦Bailey, Elaine 

Hefferiin, Ray & inelda 

Rogers, Herbert 

♦Lamport, Judy 

♦Vance, Kenneth 

Bainum, Renee 

Henderson, Lyie 

Sahiy, Don 

♦Leach, Roger 

Walters, Clyde 8i Merrie 

Baize, Kenneth 8. Pearl 

Herin, Mazie 

Sanford, Darleen 

Ledlord, Archie 

♦Warner, Carol 

Baker, Bernice 

Hess, Chuck & Debbie 

Sauls, Lynn 8, Helen 

Leech, Joseph 

Watson, Ron 

Baker, John 8. Murdnal 

Hittfe, Ted & Debbie 

tSchmid, Harold 

Leggett, Hugh 8. Rosemary 

West, Kenneth 8, Delby 

Baldwin, "Mildred 

Holland, Judy 

Schriber, John 8. Marilou 

Lemon, Alice 

Wickwire, Adele 

Ball, Loucretia 

Hooper, Ralston & June 

Servoss, Ronald & Sue 

Lindsey, Charles 8. Sharon 

Williams, Russell & Genevieve 

Ballard, Thomas & Mary 

Houck, Duane & Florence 

Shankel, Clinton 

Lipped Richard & Karen 

Wilson, Donald 

♦Balli, Kevin 

Hunt, Bonnie 

tShaw, Carl 8. Debra 

♦Loelller, Mark 

♦Wohlers, William 8. Rita 

Ballington, Sandra 

Hursh, Florence 

Shim, J T 

Loy, Monroe 8i Louise 

Wood, Betty 

Bame, Mark I, Mitzi 

Hurt, Louise 

♦Short, Donald 8. Garnette 

♦Lynd, Audice 

♦Workman, Allen & Melinda 

Banks, Joan 

Hyde, Gordon & Irma 

Sines, John 

♦MacLalferty, Merrill 

♦Zeigler, James & Freda 

♦Barber, Tracie 

tJackson, Edward 

♦Slapper, Debra 

Markoff, M D , David 

Zeman. Daniel & Cookie 

Barchers, Richard 

Jacobs, Ray 

Slate, Myrtle 

♦Marlin, Deborah 

Barnes, Sharon 

tjiminez, David 

Slikkers, Robert 

♦Martin, Douglas 

♦Barnett, David & Jill 

♦Johnson, Anna 
Johnson, Dean 
Johnson, Harold 8. Harriet 

Smith, Earl 

Smith, M D , Warren 8. Elouise 

Smoot, Grady 8. Irma 

Massengill, Cloie 
May, Paul 
McClure, Herbert 



♦Basham, Jell 

Baskin, Richard 8, Gayle 

♦Bass, William 8, Teresa 

(■Kenny, Fistier & Gladys 

Sowers, Nellie 

♦McGhee, Earl 


Bateman, Terry 

Keppler, M D , Burton 8, Dorothy 

Spady, Linda 

McMillan, Paul 

♦Ballislone, Rochelle 

Kinder, J B 8, Neva 

Spears, Dort & Stiirley 

♦McMillan, Sally 


♦Belliard, J C 

Kinsey, Dean & Martha 

Sleefe, Dennis 8. Libby 

Melashenko, Vincent 

Benge, Robert & Debbie 

Kinzer, Suzanne 

Stephenson, Rochefle 

Merriman, James & Margarita 

Benge, Susan 

tKlasing, Donald 

Stophel. Glenn 

♦Michaelis, Charles 8. Naomi 


Bennett, Melisa 

Klein, Eddie 

Stophel, John 

Doggette, Jackson 
Doherty, Lois 

Midkitt, "Marvin 

Bennett, Peggy 

Kochenower, Beniamin 

Summerour, Robert 

Miller, Opal 

Benson, Wayne 8. Martha 

+Koester, Carl 8. Beverly 

Sutton, Layton 

♦Mills, Brookei & Joyce 

Abeinathy. Marcia 

Benlien. Charles 8. Joanne 

Kuhlman, Boots & Marian 

Swarner. Ward 8. Julia 

Mitchell. Alfred 8. Viola 

♦Acker, Clark 

Bentzinger, Ronald 

16 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 

Berghetm, Brent & SMran 

tSergherm, Brian 

♦Beckon, Josepnme 

Berry. Daniel 

Bidwell. Dale 

♦Bieksza Jrisepti 

Bilbo, Joan 

♦Birch, Beverly 

♦Birchard. Mary 

Bird. Martin 

BischoH, Frederick 

Bishop. Jr ODS. Wilber & Paltie 

Black. Patricia 

Blackwell. Sarah 

Blair. Carrie 

Blondo. Rick & Janel 

Blosser, Brenda 

♦Blount, Calvin 

♦Blumenschein, Steven & Laune 

Bodtker. Marceil 

♦Bolihk, Cynthia 

Bogar. Donald & Sharia 

Bogar. Larry & Dons 

Boggs. Susan 

Boles. Joseph 

Bolton, Lillian 

Boniour, Richard & Kathleen 

♦Borchard, Raymond 

♦Bom, Shannon 

Borne. Allen 

Bossenberry, Susan 

♦Boston Valerie 

Bourget-Tacluk, Jose 
♦Boutin, Valene 
Bowman, Don 

Boyd, Kathy 
♦Boyd, Meianie 

Boyd, Michael & Cindy 
♦Boyet, Debbie 
♦Boyer, Suzanne 

Boyle, William 
♦Bracket!, Angela 

Bracken, Jimmie 
♦Bradley Edgar 

Bradley. Kenneth 

Bragg Richard & Cynlhia 
•Brandon, Anthony 

Bray, Dawn 

Breece Kathy 

Bresee, Mark & Sharon 

Brett, Beverly 

Brewer Beryl 

Brevier, Eugene 
♦Brewer, Krishna 

Brewer, Sallieann 

Bricker, Douglas & Kathy 

♦Bridges, Glenn 

Bridges, John & Aslrid 

Briner, Nancy 

Btisco April 

♦Btomme, Ginger 

Brooks, Dorolhy 

Brown, Bevin & Kathie 

♦Brown, Delcina 

Brown, Ellen 

♦Brown, Ervin 

♦Brown Henry 

Brown Irma 

Brown, Laura 

Brown, Lynn 

Brown, Mary 

♦Brown, Steven & Debbie 

♦Brown III, Bobby 

♦Browne, Deborah 

Brownlee, John 

Brownlow Harmon & Margaret 

Browtilow John S Renee 

♦Bryant, Janesta 

♦Bryant, Kenneth & Helen 

♦Bryant, Sherri 
' +Buckelew. Edwina 

Bueii Oewer 

Bunch Luke & Esther 

Bunch, Patricia 

Burby, Wade 

Burch. Alta & Traiece 

Burdelle, Emma 
Bordick, Rich & Shan 
♦Butdort, Kathy 
Burgdorit, Betsy 
♦Burgess, Jerry 
Burke, Kennelh & Theresa 
Burks, Rebecca 
Burns. Robert & Kerry 
Burtnett. Frank & Helen 
Bush, Alan & Thetis 
Byets, Mary 


Caldwell, Norman 
Caldwell. Richard 
♦Callahan. Willis 
♦Cambigue, Bruce & Judy 
Campbell. Dennis & Shellie 
Campbell. Melvin & Marjorie 
Cannon. William 
Capman. Cheerie 
Carbailai. Manuel & Rebecca 
♦Cardona. Fernando 
Cardona, Vilma 
Carey, Michael 
Carithets. Juanita 
♦Carle. Sandra 
Carlson. Amla 
Carrier. Donald 
Carroll. Frances 
♦Carter. Karen 
♦Carter, Matthew 
Carter. Susan 
Case. Lois 
Cash. Bill 
♦Caskey. John 
♦Center. Julie 
Cerovski. Edward 
Chaij. Nicolas 
Chambers. James 
Champion. Rhonda 
Chandler. Connie 
♦Chapman. Cully 
Chase. Donald 
Chastain. Allan & Jeanne 
Chesney. Evan & Jan 
ChesnuH. Edna 
Chism. Robert 
♦Choppala Sheela 
♦Christen. Scott 
Christian. Bertha 
Christiansen. Kalhie 
Chu. Peters Linda 
♦Cinlron. Marcelino 
Clark, Cynlhia 
Clark. Danivin & Carta 
Clark. Dennis & Shirley 
♦Clark. Donald & Shirley 
Clark. Faye 
Clark. Frances 
Clark. James 
♦Clarke, Jere 
Clarke. Jim & Judy 
Clarke. Margaret 
Ciegg. Carolyn 
Clough. Earl 
♦Clough, Laura 
♦Coachman. Faith 
Cobos. Ellen 
Cochran. Todd & Mary 
♦Cockrell, Terra 
Coe. Barry 
Coe, Laureen 
Coggin, David & Sylvia 
Cole. Roy & Ben 
Collier. Billy & Nan 
Collins. Edward & Virginia 
Collins, Ellen 
♦Collins, Shawn 
Compton. Mariorie 
Conerly. Chip & Donna 
Connell. Goidie 
Connell. Walter 
♦Cook, Kenneth 
Coomer. Jodie 

♦Coonley. Kenneth 
Cooper, Russell & Gloria 
♦Coppess, Douglas 
♦Corriveau, Heidi 
♦Costello, Kevin 
Cosion. Howard & Mara-Lea 
Coslon, Jetl & Debra 
Cotham, Joyce 
♦Cottrell, Evonne 
♦Courtney, Angela 
Covet, Carole 
Cowan. Anne 
♦Crabtree. Issabel 
Crabiree. James & Judith 
Crablree, Myra 
♦Craig, Brian & Kimberly 
Crane, Donald & Diane 
Cress, David & Lynn 
Cress. John & Pamela 
Crews. Joseph & Lu Ann 
Crismond. Karen 
Crittenden. Jean 
Croket Edward & Winsome 
♦Croket, Michele 
Crook, Don & Sylvia 
Crocker, Marilyn 
Crosby, Bobia 
♦Crosby, Kenneth & Celeste 
Crosby, Timothy & Carol 
Cross, Dale 

Cross, Garland & Pamela 
♦Cross, Gerald 
♦Crouch, Anthony 
Crowson, Gene 
Crowson. Linda 
Crui. Damans 
Cruz. Obed 
Culbert. Dorothy 
Culvey. Mane 
Cundilf. Bob & TaniQue 
♦Curtis, Carmen 
Cushing. Sara 
Czerkasij. Victor & Rene 


Dahl. Jeanelte 
♦Dahlberg. Richard 
♦Daivis. Franklin 
Dalton. John & Carolyn 
Darnel). Emanuel & Teddie 
Damron. Chet & Mary 
Danlorth. Julia 
Daniel. Gregory 
Daniel. Troy 
Darbo. Jere & Doris 
Darmody. Steven 
Darnell. Nolan & Margaret 
Darnell. Robert & Mary 
Darnell Wayne 
Daugherty, Dons 
Davenport. Shirley 
♦David. Terese 
Davis. Charles 
Davis. Leiand 
Davis. Terry & Melanee 
♦Davis Tom 
♦Davis. Victor 
Davis III, Cosby 
Day, Thomas & Cynthia 
♦Deal, Bowman 
deCarmo, Linden 
Decker, Mark & Sheri 
Dedeker, Jay & Judith 
Dekie, Marcus & Deannea 
♦Deming, Laura 
♦Denney. Danette 
♦Dennis, Stephen & Waumta 
Dennison, 'Ira 
Dent, Bonny 
♦Denton Barbara 
Dever Homer & Arlene 
Dever. Ronda 
♦Dewey. Constance 
Dickerhotf, Fred & Phyllis 
♦Dickerhoff. Michael 

Dickinson. Robert & Ruth 

Dickinson, Robert 
♦Dickson. Robert 
♦Dingle, Roy 

Oininger. Edward & Janet 
♦Dobias. Angela 

Dobias. Slan 
♦Dobias. Stephen 
♦Doeren. Sandra 
♦Dolan. Arthur 
♦Dominguez. Maria 

Donesky. Peter 
♦Dortch. Verne 

Dortch, III. Howard & Stacy 
♦Dos Santos. Brian & Jenniler 
♦Dove. Christine 
♦Draper. Sheila 

Dreos, Mary 

Dubose. Bob 

Dubsky, Robert 

Dunder. Terrance 

Duniap. Elizabeth 

Dunn, Maurice 
♦Dunne. Brian 

Dunning. Celia 

Durham. Mariorie 

Dykes. Donald 


Earnhardt. Jan 
♦Echemendia. Angel 
♦Edens. Scott 
Edgar, Juliann 
♦Edwards. Beth 
Eirich. Paul 
♦Ekiund. Rett 
♦Eldridge. Debra 
♦Elliott. Kelley 
♦Elliott. Michelle 
Ellis, Deborah 
Ellis, Gregory & Jeanine 
Engelkemier, Brenda 
♦England, Steven & Karen 
Epperson, Troy 
Erwin, Jim 

Erwin. Jr.. Robin & Juanita 
♦Eslep. Cheryl 
♦Estep. Dale & Abigayle 
Estes. Claire 
Evans, Diane 
Evans. Robert & Bonnie 
Evans. Ted 
♦Evins, Richard 


Facundus. Rhonda 
Farr, Henry 
Feist, David 
♦Fennimore, Kathleen 
Ferguson, Charles & Wanda 
Ferguson, Dana 
♦Ferneyhough, James 
Filiberto. Jell 
Fillman. Noel 
Fincher. Floyd & Lucy 
Fitzgerald, Douglas & Anne 
FitzGerald, Steven 
Fleming. Gertrude 
Floyd. Vera 
Flynt. Harold & Emma 
Fogg. David 
♦Fooie. Eiwood 
Forbes. Daniel 
Ford Zeii & Heide 
Foster. Steven & Patricia 
foster, William & Beverly 
Fowler, Gladys 
Fox, Carol 
♦Foxworth. Dennis 
Frederick. Daniel & Rosalie 
Freeman, Francie 
French. Sarah 
♦Friesen. Ronda 

♦FtisL Paliicia 
Frilts. Susan 
Fritzsche. Sharon 
♦fry. Michelle 
♦Fuaillo, Virginia 
♦Fuchcar, Paul 
♦FulOright, Mike 
fuller, James 
Fuller, Fred & Rose 
Fuller. Steve 
Fulmer. Bachman 
Fulton. III. William 
♦Funderburg. Lee 
Futcher, Carol 

♦♦♦ G 

Gabbard. David & Rosa 
Gagne. Denise 
♦Gallagher. William 
♦Gang. Jetl 

Gano. David & Deborah 
Gano. Kenneth & Melissa 
♦Garner, Gary 
Garrett, Jeffrey & Jackie 
Garrett, Wanda 
♦Carver, Steve 
Garza. Daniel & Myra 
♦Gay. John 
♦Gearing Wendy 
♦Gebert, Malmda 
Gee. Edward 
Genton. lola 
Gentry, Ernesi 
♦George, Johnathan 
Gershon, James 
Giang. Sarah 
♦Gibson. Lynn 
♦Gibson. Myrna 
Gibson. Sheryl 
♦Gibson. Yvonne 
♦Gilbert, Daniel 
Gilbrealh, Karen 
Gilmore. Betty 
Gipson. Alicia 
♦Gober. Carta 
Goeckeritz. Bruce & Laurel 
♦Golightly, Dennis 
♦Gooding, Ndaia 
Goodner, Elbert & Edith 
Goorhuis. Anne 
Graham, Obed & Coretta 
Graham, Tamara 
Grand, Blanca 
♦Grant, Robert 
Graves, George & Meianie 
Graves, Sanlord & Bedi 
Graves, Ted & Mary 
Graves, Timothy 
♦Grayson, John 
Greenawait, Definis 
Greene, James & Joyce 
♦Greene. John 
♦Gregory. Samantha 
Greve. Michael 
♦Gtice. Mark 
Griffith. Jack & Ruth 
Gtiffitts. Nita 
♦Gtosswiler. Anna 
Groie. Eh«in 
Groves. Jane 
Guinn. Janye 
Gulley. James 
Gulley. John & Lon 
♦Gust. Christei 
Gusiavsson. Lars & Janiel 
Gulekuhst. Gerard 


♦Hacne. Va.erie 
Hack. David & Amy 
Hadley. Carroll 
Hadley.Jim & Kathy 
Hagopian. Greg 
Hakes. James 

♦Hale. Kelly 
Hale. Richard & Freda 
Hale. Scon & Linda 
Hall. Danny & Susan 
Hall. Donald 
Hall. Joy 
♦Hall. Leslie 
Hall. Rogei & Diane 
Hall. Wesley 

Halversen. Warren & Judy 
♦Hamblin. Knsty 
Hamel. Lyie & Helen 
♦Hamilton. Bill 
Hamilton. Cindy 
Hamilton. Joni 
Hamm. Minon 
♦Hammond. Janis 
Hammond. Warren 
♦Handal. Evelyn 
Haney. Chnstophei 
♦Hanley. Catherine 
♦Hannah. Keely 
Hansen. Heidi 
Hanson. Cindy 
Harding. Kenneth & Eva 
♦Harlow. Gordon 
Harlow. Wayne & Lynell 
Harold. Donna 
Harper. Marggie 
Harris. Charles & Judith 
♦Harrison, Cindy 
♦Harllield, Diana 
Hartlotf. Robert & Evelyn 
Hartwell. Raymond & Jeanne 
♦Hartwell. Russell 
Haskell. Page 
Haveman. Janet 
Haveman. Theodore 
♦Hawkins. Jim 
♦Hawkins. Michael 
Hay. Bill & Cheri 
Hayes, Jonathan & Jeannelte 
♦Hayes, William 
Haynes, Sandra 
Hayvrard. Joe 
♦Hazel, Eilene 
♦Heaiey, Kern 
Heath, Earleen 
Heath, Evelyn 
♦Hemlein. Arlinda 
Hellgren. Morgan & Nancy 
HendersholHoyl& Hazel 
Henderson, Kenneth 
Henderson. OR & Maty 
Henley, Penny 
♦Hennard, David 
Henning. Volker & Linda 
♦Hentiquez. Xiomara 
♦Henry. Calvin 
♦Henry. Cecelia 
Herman. Ronald & Linda 
♦Hernandez Dany 
Herod James & Janita 
♦Herrod. Dollie 
♦Hickey. Barbara 
♦Hicks, Debra 
♦Hiebert Floyd 
Hilderbrandt. Edward 
Hill. Vernon 
Hilton. Jack 
♦Hines. Jil 
Hinson. Kathryn 
♦Hiott. Raciiaei 
Ho. Rosalind 
Hobbs. Stan & Barbara 
♦Hodge. Daiiah 
♦Holback. Amy 
Holland. Glenn & Donna 
Holland. Larry 
♦Hollinger. Lisa 
Hoiioway. Marie 
Holmes. Sturon 
Hon. Russ& Judy 
♦Honote. Joel 
Hood. John 
♦Hoogiand. Diane 


+Horn. Kfisti 
Homyak, Stephen 
Horlon, Marian 
♦Horton. Reginald 
tHorton, Ted 
Howard, Edgar 
Howard, Larry & Lorella 
Howard, Shirley 
Howe, Gary & Bonnie 
Hoyt, Emery 
♦Hudson, Nellie 
+HuN, Alan 
+Hulham, Mike 
Hughes, Penny 
+Hulin, Christopher 
Hulsey, Harry & Berneice 
Hunt, Dolores 
tHunt, Marvin 
Hunt, Teresa 
tHunter, Mark 
4-Huntress, Tom 
Hust, William & Patricia 
Hutctiens, Karen 
Hutton, Phyllis 
tHwang, Esther 
Hyde Aileen 


tindermuehle, Chris 
tlnnis, Vicki 
Irizarry, Kathiyn 
Ivey, Alyce 


Jacko, Virginia 
Jacotjs, Jamiie & Lois 
+Jacobs, Julie 
■KJacohs, Laurie 
Jaecks, Steven 
tJametson, Carlene 
Jansen, Marie 
Jansen, Paul 
tJardine. Lisa 
Jarrett, Darla 
+Jayne Amy 
+Jenkins, Margaret 
Jennings, Jeanne 
Jennings, Margie 
tJensen, David S Kathi 
Jensen, Edith 
♦Jensen, Garye 
♦Jensen, Julie 
♦Jensen, Tracie 
Jelter, Cheryl 

♦Jewett, Jeffrey iKimberly 
♦Jiao, Hong 
♦Jimenez, Ariel 
Jobe, Bob 

Johns, Kenneth & Maiiory 
Johnson. Bryan 
Johnson, Cynthia 
♦Johnson, Dan 
Johnson, Deibert & Andrea 
Johnson, Ertis & Judy 
♦Johnson, Heather 
Johnson, Jean 
Johnson, Larry & Sonia 
Johnson, 'Marjorie 
Johnson, Priscilla 
♦Johnson, Stephen 
Johnson, Thelma 
Jotinslon, Cameron 
♦Johnston, John 
Johnston, Lloyd 
Jones, Brenda 
Jones, Elvine 
Jones, Jay & Sheila 
Jones, William 
♦Jongema, Kerry 
♦Jordan, James 
Jorgensen, Gail 
Just, Avolt 


Kay, Maxine 
♦Kay, Santa 
♦Keefe, Francis 
Kelley, Diana 
Kelley, Larry 

Kemmerer. Russ & Deborah 
Kendall, John & Kathleen 
Kenney, Pamela 
Kenyon, Gerald 
Kepkey, Robert 
♦Keppler, Benjamin & Eileen 
♦Keyes, Beverly 
Kilgore. Paul 
Killion, Nellie 
♦Kim. Chin-Hyung 
♦Kim, Nanci 
King, Geraldine 
King. Gregory 
King, Jane 
King, Jeffrey 
King, Kirk & Kathleen 
King, Mary 
Kingry, Jean 
♦Kingsbury, Bertha 
Kinsey, Rick & Tina 
Kinsman, Jacqueline 
Kirkham, Kenneth 
Kitstein, Bill & Pat 
Kleppe, Betty 
Klingstrand, Arne i Lisa 
Klinvex. Chris & Elizabeth 
Klinvex, Kevin & Jacquie 
Knecht, Cynthia 
Knechi, Doug 8. Vickie 
Knight, Rowland & Loti 
Knight, Stanley & Valerie 
♦Kolett, Lome 
Korff. Eugene 
Koslenko, Victoi & Ghana 
Kovalski, Gerald & Sandra 
Krall, Jeff 
♦Krali. Paula 
Kraulik, Shanda 
♦Krause, Keilh & Michele 
Krein, Nora 
♦Krein, Thomas 
♦Kreilner, Stephen 
Kruger, Cheryl 
Kruger, Thomas & Linda 
Kummer, Christine 
Kundinger, Karen 
♦Kurzynske, Frank 


Labrenz, Phyllis 
♦Ladd, Becky 
♦LaFave, Daniel 

Lafevet, Beecher & Joanne 

Lafever, Susan 
♦Lake, Bonnie 

Lale, Tim 

Land, Christie 

Lanfear, Carol 
♦Lang, Violet 
♦Langlord, Scott 

Langbam, Leanne 

Lara, Marco 
♦Larrabee, Jodi 
♦Lasao, Doris Fe 

Lastine, Craig 

Latham, David 
♦Lawhorn, Victor 
♦Lawless, Philip 

Leader, Regan & Mary 

Learned, Scon & Linda 

Leavitt, Greg & Arlene 

Leblanc, Paul & Argenta 

Lee, Burlrand 

Lee, Louise 
♦Lee, Seok|in 

Leitner, Jack 

Lemke. Michelle 

Lemon, Jefl 

♦Lepak, Evelyn 
Lesko, Arthur & Lennelte 
Lester, Vera 
Leyva, William & Jane 
♦Li, Tarsee 
Lighlhall, Wallace 
Liies, Janeil 
Liies, Sadie 
Liles, Sandy 
Lilly, Marguerite 
♦Lim, Carol 

Lincoln, Robert & Gladys 
Lindsay, John 
♦Lindsey, Chris 
♦Linebarger Bankie 
Linebaugh, J C & Joan 
Linton, Richard & Nicki 
Lippert, Helen 
♦Lizardo, Libna 
Lobdell, Opal 
Lockwitz, Linda 
♦Long, Shane 
♦Looby, Dame 
Loot, John & Susan 
Loor, June 
Loree, Carol 
Lorenz, Angela 
♦Lorey, Michael 
Lorren, Katrina 
Lorren, Robert & Clymera 
Lovinggood, Nena 
Lowe 'Anne 
Lowe, Jeanne 
Lowe, Michael & Carolyn 
Lowman, Marvin 
Ludington, Darryl 
Lukal, Lucille 
♦Lynch, Linda 
♦Lynch, Terri 
Lynn. Robert 
Lyons, Justin & Carol 


♦MacAlpine, James 
MacAlpine, Robert 
♦Mack, Cynthia 
♦Madden, Tern 
Maddox, Gary & Judith 
Magoon, Bill & Melony 
Mahorney, Barry & Sharryn 
♦Maize, Lonnie 
♦Malone. Kara 
♦Malone, Jr , James 
Manasco, Debbie 
Mann, Elizabeth 
♦Mann, Jo 
Mansfield, Garth 
Mansfield, Randall 
♦Maguera, Gerald 
♦Marchant, Lon 
Mann, Jenine 
♦Marlin, Hugh 
Marlow, Stephen 
Marquina, Monica 
♦Marsa, Robert & Anissa 
Marschner, Max 
Marshall, Waller & Inez 
♦Martin, Caroline 
Martin, Dale & Belty 
♦Martin, Genevieve 
♦Martin, Patricia 
♦Martin, Robert 
Martin, Scott 
Martin, Virginia 
Marx, David 
Mathews, Kenneth 
Mathews, Kenneth & Miriam 
Mathewson, Leslie & Kellie 
Matthews, Linda 
Matthews, ReNae 
Mauller-Payne, Rebecca 
Mayberry, Daryl 
Mayberry, Janice 
Mayer, Sylvia 
♦Mazur. Nancy 
♦McArthur. Joel 

McBride. Nancy 
McCalla, J E. 
McCaughan, Cindy 
McClelian, George & Suzanne 
♦McClellan, Shirley 
McClung, Michael 
McClure, Howard 
♦McColpin, Cheri 
♦McComb, Terry 
McConneil, Steven & Vicky 
♦McCoy, John 
♦McCracken, Carole 
♦McCray, Fred 
McCulloch, Nelda 
McDonald, Andy & Vicki 
McDonald, Thomas 
McDonald, Wesley & Linda 
♦McDougal, Todd & Renila 
McElroy, Glenn 
McElroy, Sean 
♦McEndree, Charles 
McFaddin, Mark & Lisa 
McFarland, Dolly 
McGrady. Jay 
♦McHan, Shirley 
♦McKee, Helen 
♦McKenney, Jill 
♦McKenzie, Mark 
McKenzie, Michael 
McKenzie, Jr , Eugene 
McKinney, Karen 
McKinney, Mark & Barbara 
♦McLarty, B 

♦McMahon-Bullis, Mary 
McPherson, Nanette 
♦McRae. Leslie 
McVay, John & Pamela 
Meade, Chas & Margell 
♦Medanich, Daniel 
Medanich, Jerry 
♦Mendez, Cynthia 
Mensing, Kenneth 
Mercer, Ruth 
♦Metzing, Kevin 
Meyer, Mertice 
♦Michalenko, Tamara 
Middaugh, Patsy 
Middleton, April 
♦Miler, Sabrina 
Miles, Corrie 
Miles, Juanita 
Millburn, Dennis & Bobbie 
Miller, Chris & Donna 
Miller, Gordon & Rita 
♦Miller, Harry & Kimberly 
♦Miller, Larry 
Miller, Rogers Valerie 
♦Miller, Steven 
Mills, Chartes & Donnda 
♦Mills, Howard 
♦Mills, Ira 
Mills, Tom 
Mills, II. M D., Dan 
Minder, Nicholas & Patricia 
♦Miranda, Conrado 
Mitchell, Brian & Cynthia 
♦Mitchell, Chris 
Mitchell, Sara 
Mixon, Myron & Valorie 
♦Mixon, Rebecca 
Mixon-Strickland, Faye 
Mizelle, Catherine 
Mizelle, Roscoe & Helen 
Mock, Jesse & Rhonda 
♦Moe, Allan 
Mohr, Mike 
Mohr, Teddric & Lois 
Mollenkopf, Dawn 
♦Mollenkopf, Tracy 
♦Moncerate, Alicia 
Monen, David 
♦Moody, Richard 
♦Moody, Jr, William 
Moon, Heidi 
♦Moore, Craig 
♦Moore, Deanna 
Moore. Gertrude 
Moore, Kay 

♦Morazzi, Melissa 
Morgan. Douglas 
Morgan, Karen 
Morgan, Kevin 
♦Morisette, Dallas 
♦Morris, Leroy 
Morrison, Bill 
Morse. Holly 
♦Morton, Curtis 
♦Moseley Richard 
♦Moyer, Gary 
♦Moyer, John 
♦Mullinax, Charles 
Mun, Jimmer & Ida 
♦Murdoch, Michael 
♦Murphy, Bill & Cheryl 
Murray, Myrlene 
♦Musselman, Donna 
Myers, Elaine 
♦Myers, Gregory 


♦Natie, Matthew 
♦Naiman, Heather 
♦Naiman, Theodore 
Nase, Brian & Lon 
♦Neall, Robert 
Negron, Dennis 
Neil, Sonya 
♦Nelson, Rebecca 
♦Nelton, Christine 
Nesbitt, William & Ethel 
Newbern, John 
♦Newman, Belty 
Nicholaides, Mitchell & Evelyn 
Nicholaides, Slephen 
♦Nichols, Lorna 
♦Nicholson, Andrea 
Nicholson, Marilyn 
Niswonger, Jerome 
♦Nixon, Nick 
♦Nooner, Dennis 
♦Notciilfe, Annette 
♦Norcott, Yvetle 
Norman, Bruce & Christine 
Norton, Jim & Peggy 
Norton, Kenneth 
Nyirady, Stephen & Laura 
♦Nyirady, Stephen 


O'Brien, John & Georgia 
O'Day, Patrick & Carol 
Oakes. Warren & Virginia 
Odom, Myrna 
Oelman, Harvey & Bonnie 
Oiala, Kathleen 
♦Oliver, David 
Oliver, John 
Olmstead, Lila 
♦Olson. Krista 
♦Orquia. Jo 
Osborne, Candace 
Osborne, David & Judy 
Oslman, Virginia 
Oft, Helmut & Myrna 
Ownsby, Peggy 


♦Palermo, Stephanie 
Partitt, Gary & Janice 
♦Park, Jane 
Park, Lester 
♦Parker, Amy 
♦Parker, Mark 
Parnell, Jack 
Parrick, Ardyth 
Parrish, Donald 
♦Patrish. Donna 
Patrish, Robin 
Parrish, Todd & Lisa 

Parrish. Truman & Rebecca 
♦Parsons, Kristi 
Patrick, Stephen & Linda 
Patton, Richard & Kimberiy 
Paxlon, Carolyn 
Pedersen, Maxeen 
Peeke, John & Marilynn 
Peel, Edna 
Pegel, Rachel 
♦Pellerin, Holly 
Pennell, Gary 
Penno, Paul & Candice 
♦Perrone, Patricia 
Perry, Rebecca 
Peterson, Garland & Betty 
♦Peterson, Randal & Brenda 
Pelhel, Michael 
Peltibone, Dennis 
♦Pettigrew, Charles 
Petty, Cecil & Mary 
♦Petty, Thurmon & Flora 
Pllugtad, David & Doina 
♦Phillips, Alicia 
Phillips, Ed & Lornne 
Phillips, Frances 
Pialt, Wayne & Linda 
Pierce, Bruce & Dons 
♦Pierson, Dollis 
Pierson, John & May 
Pierson, Robert & Barbara 
♦Pires, Beth 
♦Pitts, Richard 
♦Plank, Dan 
Platkowsky, Jo Ann 
Plan, Bud & Barbara 
Plan, Naomi 
Poenitz, Erney 
Poisl. Nancy 
Polizzi, Tissy 
♦Pollom, Debbie 
Poole, Joseph 
♦Poole, Laurence 
♦Poole, Tommy 
Popular, Carmen 
Porter, Steve & Donna 
Ponie, Ted 
Potts, Robert 
♦Powell, Kevin & Shelly 
Powers, Stephen & Sylvia 
Preston, Lynne 
♦Price, Jean 
PriesI, Joseph 
♦Priest, Shaion 
♦Pucken, Scon 
♦Pumphrey, Charles 
Purple, James 
♦Putnam, Laura 


♦Quails, Deborah 
Quick, Sr . James 


Rahn, Larry & Vicki 
Raines, Gary 
♦Raitz, Vivian 
Ralls, Jane 
Ramsey, Anne 
♦Ramsey, Daphne 
Ramsey, John & Linda 
Rathnam, John 
♦Ratzlatf, Judith 
Ray, Herman 
♦Ray, Tanya 
♦Read, Devin 
Reading, Ronald i 
♦Reams, Michelle 
Redman, Martha 
Reece, Delphyne 
Reed, Karen 
Reeve, Charles 
Regal, Austin & Sandra 
♦Reid, Jphn 
♦Reimer, Marilyn 


18 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 

Reinsch. Deborah 
tRemptier, Susan 
♦Respess, iia 
Reynolds, Carol 
♦Rhodes, Caine 
Rhodes, Faye 
Rhodes. Susan 
Richards, Joi 
Richardson. Derrick 
♦Richardson, James & Cindy 
♦Richardson, Palricia 
♦Richert, Jr . Rick 
Ringer, Alvin 
♦Ringer, David & Sandra 
Ritlenhouse, Floyd 
RobD, Mark & Judy 
Robberson, Sharon 
Rebels, Donna 
♦Roberts, Nina 
Roberts, William 
Roberts, Jt , Jack 
Rbbertson. Bill & Delia 
Robertson, Charlene 
♦Robertson, James & Sherry 
♦Robertson. Marciann 
Robinson. Alyce 
♦Robinson. Diane 
♦Robinson. Rebecca 
Rodgers. Ronald & Denise 
Rodriguez. Julio & Maria 
♦Rogers. Kenneth 
♦Rogers. Rose 
♦Rogers. Teresa 
Rolle. Robert & Susan 
Romans. Robert 
Ronning. Lori 
♦Rosier. Juanita 
Rourke. Drury 
Rouse. Stanley 
Rowlett. Phyllis 
Roy. Harold 

Ruckle. Raymond 4 Shirley 
Rul. Warren & Jane 
Ruggles. Alan 
Rumsey. Greg & Shirley 
Rumsey. Marsha 
Runyon. Clyde 
♦Russell. David 
Russell. Denise 
♦Russell. Donald 
Ryals. John & Virginia 
Ryan. Jane 
Ryder Eldon & Vanessa 


Sadau. Roxanne 
♦Saizan. Patricia 
♦Salhany. Marvin 
Salhany. Phaize & Dorothy 
Sammer. Harold 
Sanderlord. Richard & Kalhy 
♦Santana. Isman 
Saphilolt. Andrew 
Sasser. Janna 
Sasser. Pat 
♦Sawteil. James 
Sawyer. Lori 
Schey. Diana 
Schieler. Kurt 
Schmehl. Malcolm 
Schneider. Kathryn 
Schoen. Valentin 
Schomburg. Sheila 
Schomburg. William 
Schooler. Betsy 
♦Schrock. Earl 
Schroeder. Karl-Heinz 
♦Schullz. Jeltrey 
♦Schultz. Kathleen 
Schutte. Del 
♦Scolield. Ann 
Scoggins, Lola 
♦Scott. Dallas 
Scott. Lori 
♦Seard. Daisy 
Seek. Dale 

Seek. Vesta 

Seidel. Lynda 
Serikaku. David & Dianna 
Sen. Connie 
♦Servoss. Stephanie 
♦Seth. Barb 
♦Shaier. Rebekah 
Sham. Martin & Jacquelyn 
Shank. %la 
♦Sharley, Ann 
Sharley. Harry 
Shatpe. Kent & Lisa 
Shaw Kenneth & Ann 
Shaw. Kevin i Terryn 
♦Shaw. Lucile 
Shaw. Terry 
Sheffield. Amy 
Sbepard, Richard 
Sheram. Imogene 
Sheridan. Timothy 
♦Sherman. Sarah 
Sherman. William & Roby 
Sherwin. Richard & Sheila 
Shields. David & Sondra 
Shields Jonathan & Maureen 
Short. Donald & Janice 
Showalter. Mike & Darlene 
Shrader. John 
Shreve. Ruby 
Shull. Debra 
Sica. Ruth 

Siddall. Rodney & Diane 
♦Sifuentes. Shern 
Slier. June 
♦Sliver. David 
Simmons, Deborah 
♦Simmons, Ginnie 
♦Simmons, Lee 
♦Simon, Sheryl 
♦Sinaga, Maya 
♦Sinclair, Allen 
Smith, Albert 
Smith, Bob & Susan 
Smith, Brian & Claudia 
Smith, Gilbert 
Smith, Jerry & Nancy 
Smith, John 
Smith, Linda 
♦Smith, Pauline 
♦Smith, Peggy 
Smith. Rochelle 
Smith. Sheila 
Smith. Vickie 
♦Smith. Wilfred 
Smoot. Jill 
Smothermon. George 
Snide. Hazel 
♦Snider, Burt 
Snow, Danny & Michelle 
♦Snow, Stephen 
Snyder, Brent & Sharolyn 
Sokolies, Cynthia 
Solis. Sylvia 
♦Soper. John 

♦Sorensen. Mark & Beverly 
Soule. John 
Souza. Tammy 
Sowder. Steven & Marilyn 
Spicer. Eldon & Anna 
Spnngett. Lisa 
Stagg. Art & Karyn 
♦Stamper. Walter 
Stampfli. Rose 
Stanaway. Barbara 
Slanaway. Ian & Cindy 
Stanford. Sylvia 
♦Starkey. Mary 
Slarr. Willred & Dorothy 
Slauffer. Lester 
♦Sleckel. Chanty 
Steele, Oena 
♦Slelner. Martin 
♦Sleinkraus. John 
Steinman. Donald 
♦Slephan. Bob 
Stephens. Darryl 

Stephens. Fred 
Stephenson, Dorothy 
♦Slerndale, Tom & Joan 
♦Stevens, Ench 
♦Stevens, Ernest 
♦Stevenson, Cindy 
♦Stevenson. Kristin 
♦Stewart, Darin 
Stewart. Ervin & Eleanor 
Stier. Richard & Maria 
♦Stirling. Maryan 
Stone. Francis 
Stone, Mike & Darlene 
♦Stout, Leah 
♦Stout, Luvon 
♦Strange. Stan 
Strong, Bill & Dixie 
Stubbs, William & Barbara 
♦Sluyvesant, Heather 
♦Styron, Kurt 
Suarez. Judy 
♦Sullivan, Stephanie 
Summitl, Billy 
Swalford, John & Evelyn 
Swanson, Gordon 
♦Swanson. Vicki 
Swayze. Carol 
♦Swinson. Martin 
Swinson. Jr. Charles 
Swinyar. David & Donna 
Swinyar. Gary & Carol 


♦Tackett. Sara 
Talmage. Metha 
Tale. Gayie 
Tavener. Lynn 
Taylor. Warren 
♦Tetz. Leiand 
Thatcher. Virginia 
Thayer. Robert 
Theus. Ted & Brenda 
Thomas. Cindi 
Thomas. Lorraine 
♦Thomas. Marcia 
Thompson. Carolyn 
♦Thompson. Debbie 
Thompson. Dennis & Heather 
Thompson. John 
♦Thompson. Michael 
Thurber. Gary & Diane 
Thurber. Virginia 
tTigert. John 
♦Tillman. Opal 
Tol, Bill & Carol 
Tolbert. Gary & Malia 
♦Tomer. Kyle 
Tompkins. Joel 
♦Townsend. Brenda 
Travis. Joseph & Alme 
Trim. Alice 
♦Trivetl. Angela 
Trivette. Dora 
♦Tucker. Bill 
Tucker, Dean 
Tucker, Eddie & Doris 
♦Turk, Jon 
♦Turner. Adriane 
Turner, Elaine 
♦Turner, Fred & Nancy 
Turner, Walter & Grace 
♦Tyler. Caria 
♦Tyner, Enn 
♦Tyrrell, Dale 


Ugaite, Randi 
♦Underwood, Anne 


♦Valencia, Evan 

Van Arsdell, Brent 
♦Van Hoy. Gerald 
♦VanBeukering. Tony 
Vanerwegen. Jerry & Sandra 
♦VanSant. Eleanor 
♦Vansickle. John 
♦Vargas. Chns 
Vega, Keiih & Sally 
Velbis, Erwin & Kimberly 
Veltman, Fred & Reme 
♦Veness, Jelt & Cynthia 
♦Vetne, Kerry 
Viar, Paul & Sue 
♦Vickery, Clilfotd 
♦Villani, Chris 
♦Villars, Nikki 
Vinglas, Robert 
Vital, Greg 
♦Vital, Leo 
♦Vogt. Lisa 
Vollmer. Donald 
Voorheis. Byron & Denise 
♦Vreeland, Laura 


♦Waggoner, Vicki 
Wagner, David 
♦Wahio, Robert 
♦Walker, Glenda 
Walker, Stanley & Eleanor 
♦Walkowiak, Joyce 
Waller, David & Amy 
♦Walls, David 
♦Walper, Alicia 
Walter, Jed 
♦Waller. Samaniha 
Wampler. Bill 
Wampler. James 
Ward. Paul & Mildred 
♦Ware. Calesby 
♦Wart. Teresa 

Warren. Grayson & Amanda 
Washington. Monese 
Waters. Bill & Cora 
Waters. Candace 
Walkins. Charles & Norma 
Watson. Lanier 
♦Watson. Mildred 
Watt. Timothy & Crystal 
Webb. Erma 
Webster. Frederick 
Weiss. Josef & Violet 
♦Weldon. Elizabeth 
Wellman. Wallace & Mildred 
♦Wentland. Loraine 
♦Wenzel. Jennifer 
Wetmore. Lynne 
wnaley Joy 
Wheeler. Ben & Ann 
Wheeler. Win 
Whidden. Woodtow 
♦Whitaker. Robert 
♦While. Harlan 
White. William 
♦Whitley. Royalyn 
Whittaker. ' Mildred 
♦Wicklitt. Karen 
Wiesner. Charles & Allene 
Wilcox. Allen & June 
Wilcox. Karen 
Wilcox. Kirk 
Wildes. Ethel 

Wilkens. Todd & Matsharee 
Williams, Gary 
Williams. Gary & Alice 
Williams. Haskell & Cindy 
Williams. Keni & Debra 
Williams. Larry 
Williamson. Grayce 
♦Williamson. Lincoln 
Willis. Betty 
♦Wilson, Charlene 
Wilson, Elden S Thelma 
Wilson. Fred & Barbara 

Wilson. Stephen & Rhonda 
Wilson. Tiffany 
Wilt. Gary 
♦Wing. Mike 
Winters. Virginia 
♦Woicott Ronna 
♦Woicott Tamara 
Wolf. Ron i Nancy 
♦Wolfe. Ihia 
Wolfe. John 
♦Wood. Harold 
Wood, izora 
Wood. Joyce 
Wood. Michael 
Woods. Carol 
Woods. Cecil 
♦Woolcock. Dorealher 
Woolsey. Raymond 
Wortham. Emma 
Wrate. Steven & Soma 
Wright. Burton 
Wurl. Loel & Marilyn 
Wyche. Jayne 
♦Wyckoff. Maurice 
Wynn. Kenneth 


♦Yeaton. Heidi 
Yip. Lesa 
♦York. Kathleen 
♦Young. Robert 
♦Yoweii Meriiee 


♦Zackrison. Donna 
♦Zaiabak. Stephanie 
Zaiabak. Wilma 
♦Zambrana. David 
Zaska. Neroli 
Zerbee. Arlene 
Zill. Forrest 
Zoerb. Everett & Ruth 
Zollinger, Le & Freda 
Zwick, Neldena 



Ace Hardware ol Oollewah Inc 
♦ACG Inc. 
♦ADM Company 
Adventist Health Sys Sunbelt 
American Engineering Corp. 
♦American Institu Fooos. Inc 
American National Bank 
Angelica Inc. 

♦Asheviile Family Health Center 
♦Athletic Specialties 
Ben O'Neal Company Inc 
Bender-Goodman Company 
Benwood Foundation Inc 
Bill Brown Consir Co. 
Boise Cascade Corporation 
♦Brackett Brothers Lumber 
♦Briggs Chaney Medical Center 
♦Bunge Foods 
C Y Inc 

Caire & Graugnard 
♦Care More Inc 
Cargill Incorporated 
Carolina Conference ol SDA 
Central Soya Co , inc 
Chamoiiss & Bahner 
♦Chan Shun Foundation 
Challos Foundation 
Chatt. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 
♦College Press 
CoJIegedale Church 
Collegedale Credit Union 
Continental Specialty Company 

♦Covenant College 
♦Curtis Gravely Painting Co 
Ooboy Packaging Machinery 
Dow Chemical USA 
♦Dow Jones & Company 
Downtown Lions' Club 
♦East Ridge Bicycles 
Eastlex Machine Corporation 
♦Edelweiss Credit Union 
♦Ellingson Construction 
♦Ellsworth McKee Leasing Co 
♦Employees Logistics Dept 
Exxon Education Foundation 
First American Natl Bank 
First Tennessee Bank 
Florida Conference Association 
♦Fred Fuller Insurance Agency 
GA-Cumberland Conf. ol SOA 
GenCorp Foundation Inc 
Georgia Cumberland Conference 
Gulf States Conference 
Haven's Amoco Station 
Haynes Discount Pharmacy 
HCA Foundation 
Helzler Brokerage Company 
Hunter Oil Company. Inc 
Intel Corporation 
International Paper Company 
♦Jackson S DA. Church 
♦Jerry's Oil Co Inc. 
K W Grader Foundation 
KY-TN Conference ol SDA 
Lane Funeral Home 
Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic 
Maytield Dairy Farms, Inc. 
McKee Baking Company 
McNeilus Truck & MIg.Company 
Merrill Lynch Inc. 
Michael Barto & Company 
Mountain City Electric 
♦Mountain View Ford 
National Screen Printers 
Newcomb Spring ol Tenn 
North American Credit Services 
♦O'Connor & Co. 
Oollewah Specialty Inc 
Pennsylvania Conference 
Pioneer Bank 

♦Prof Accounting & Manage. 
Prudenlial Foundation 
Quinn Supply Company 
R.J Reynolds 
Robert Orr Sysco 
♦Schwartz Fund for Ed & Health 
♦Selhness Products Company 
♦Shatter Trucking Inc. 
Sholfner Industnes 
♦Soulheastern Mills Inc. 
Southern Union Conf ol SDA 
♦Sovex Inc. 
Sovran Bank 

♦St. Matthews Adventisi Church 
Stale Farm, Inc. 
Student Association ol SO 
♦Sunbell Hllh Care Centers, Inc 
Synlex Inc 

♦T L Housley Contractors Inc 
♦Tapa, Inc 

Tennessee Valley Sales Co. 
♦The Blommer Foundation 
The E A.A. Properties 
Thomas Staley Foundation 
♦Thurman-Bryani Eleonc Supply 
♦Tire Centers Inc 
♦Tucker Wayne Luckie & Co. 
Unrvetsal Blanchers Inc. 
♦Universal Tire Inc 
♦USF&G Insurance 
Village Mantel 

Walter Wood Supply Company 
♦Warner Lambert Co. 
Wilks Publications. Inc 
♦William Nelson Mortgage 
Williams Typesetting Company 
Worthinglon Foods Inc. 
WSMC Contributors 


♦♦♦ Committee of 100 ♦♦♦ 

Anderson. Eugene A. 
Baker, Sue Taylor 
Banc. Michael Allen 
Berner, Perry 
Blair. Mardian 
Blair. Wallace Buddy 
Bothe. Brian 
Bottomley. LeroyNeall 
Bo*en. Dewitt 
Bowers. Robert Eugene 
Boyd. Velma 
Boyie, James Wilbur 
Burdick. Altred W, 
Burdick. Paul 
Butlerlield. Arthur E. 
Byrd. B. T. 
Cason, Albert L 
Castleberg, David Lee 
Chastain. Ctialmer 
Clark. Jerome 
Coppock. Lucille 
Cotliren. Frederec 
Cowdrick. Jesse 
Crandell. Donna 
Cross. Jessie 
Cummings Jr , Des 
Cushman. Willis 
Dart. Mona Jewell 
Davis. James 
Davis. K.R. 
Davis, Russell Scott 
De Vastier, Bernard Danzel 
Dean, Olivia B 
Downs, Nevin 
Durictiek, Helen 
Farrow. Joe 
Fleming. Jr., Cfiatles 
Friberg, Jr . Russell 
Fuller. Fred 
Fuller. Glenn Arttiur 
Fuller. MD. Forrest 
Garner. Julius 
Garver. Phillip 
Graves. Charles 
Hall. Albert 
Hall, Stephen Anthony 
Hamilton, Thomas 
Henriksen, David 
Howell, Walter 
Huenergardt, Howard 
Hulsey, Bill 
lies, William 
Jackson, Edward 
Jacobs, Carl L 
Janzen, Wayne 
Jarrelt, David L 
Jensen, Robert 
Jewett, MD, David 
Johnson, Anna 
Johnson. Harold S 
Johnson. Oscar R 
Kenny, E, Fisher 

Kerr, Ellon Robert 

Lacey, Charles R 

Lawing, Lloyd 

Leiand, M , John Herkimer 

Levering, Irad 

Ludinglon, Don Cliftord 

Mallernee, Rollin E 

McClarty, Jack 

McElroy, James C 

McGhinnis, Willis 

McKee, Debra 

McKee, Ellsworth 

McKee, Jack 

McKee, Jr , Russell Ellsworth 

McKee, D 

McKinney, James Ray 

McNeilus, Denzil 

Meisler, Adam George 

Merchant, Robert 

Messinger, Harold E 

Metcall, William H 

Michais, Herbert J 

Miller, Scott Allen 

Morris, James Olin 

Murphy, Bob 

Murphy, Harvey 

Patterson. Barry Staufter 

Pendlelon. Leslie Donald 

Preston, Forrest 

Preston, Winlon 

Rimmer, Neila 

Ringer, Bruce 

Rogers, Herbert Llewellen 

Schmidt, Ehrich 

Shaw, Rahn 

Shim, Jook-Ting 

Simmons, Marion S 

Sines, John Al 

Sloan, Thyra 

Smith, Jr. Earl 

Smith. William T 

Sommerville. Lewis 

Southern College Student Assoc, 

Spears, J Don 

Spears, Kenneth Edward 

Taylor II. William H 

Taylor, Dennis Alva 

Taylor, Victor 

Taylor, William H 

Terrell. Richard 

von Henner, Chancellor 

Waller, Elden K 

Whidden, Charles 

Wiese, Calvin 

Wilkins, Bonnie A 

Williams, James Russell 

Willis, M D , William 

Wilson, Charles Harold 

Winters, David 

Wood, Elmyra 

Wright, Clara 

Alumni Meetings Held 

Portland, Oregon 

June 21, 1991 

Don Ashlock 

Tom & Betty Ashlock 

Bruce T, Benjamin 

Rhonda Bolton 

John & Astrid Bridges 

Monte & Lee Ann Church 

Jeanne Fleming 

Lillie Cramer Fullerton 

Jack & Ruth Griffith 

Jerry Jenkins 

Jack & Donna Just 

Don R, Keele 

Ed & Naomi McGhee 

Peggy Nixon 

Donald E, Payne 
Tony Pasillas 
Gordon L. Retzer 
Roger N, Rey 
John & Wyn Stevens 
Timothy K. Wilson 

Retired Workers 
in Lincoln, Nebr. 

June 21, 1991 

Doris Davis Albock 
Maurice A. Dunn 
Cecile Martin 
Vera Beall Parker 
Alta Philo-Zdun 
Bill and Rubve Sue 

Class Participation in 

Alumni Loyalty 



Class Agent 





Edyttie Coltiren 





Ercel Bennett 





John Goodbrad 



1.410 00 


Clifford Ludington 





Vern Dortch 



395 00 


Robert Wood 



805 00 


Frances Andrews 



1.427 50 


Roscoe Mizelle 





David Henriksen 





Layton Sutton 





Kenneth Harding 


27 5 



Pauline Pierson 



2,780 00 


Grady Smoot 





John Thurber 



777 00 


Ron Rogers 





Jan Rushing 





Robert Burchard 





James "Buddy" fVlcElroy 18 




Dan Rozell 





Benny fVloore 





Helen Sauls 





John Fowler 



1.077 50 


Herbert Coolidge 





John Newborn 



2.590 00 


Barbara Whidden 





George Powell 










Diane Avant 



3.967 50 


David Winters 





John Loor 





Ben Kochenower 





Joyce Gotham 





Ram Harris 





Dale Townsend 





Patricia Minder 





Vinita Sauder 





Jim Closser 





Fred Stephens 



1.196 50 


Val IVIiller 



1.059 50 


Lori Gulley 



1.042 50 


Ken Bradley 



3.210 50 


Pamela Anders 





James Hal<es 



1,534 50 


David Gano 



1,035 00 


"Rusty" McKee 



685 00 


Joi Richards 



3,972 50 


Don MacLafferty 



1,762 50 


Mark Waldrop 



510 00 


Senior Class 


83 8 


Subtotal — Graduates 


$116,156 90 

Former Students 






Information in this special report covers the 1990-91 fiscal 
year, specifically gifts from alumni made before May 31, 1991. 
The criteria for reporting class participation gifts specify a 
maximum of $5,000 and a minimum of $10 for any donor. 

. . . Thank you! 

20 • VOLUME 43, NUMBER 1 • 




College Fund 

A Smilh Corporalion 

A Smith Foundation, Inc. 

AEDC Fedetal Credit Union 


AT&T Foundation 

Alt Products Foundation, The 

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 

Aladdin Industries Foundation, Inc 

All Wear Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Allen & O'Hara, Inc. 

Allied AHermarkel Division 

Allied Automotive Corporation 

Allied Corporation 

Allied-Signal Foundalion Inc. 

Ambrose Printing Company 

American Brands, Inc 

American City Bank 

American Gen. Lite & Accident Ins. Co. 

American Greetings Corporation 

American National Bank & Trust Co 

Amencan Yearbook Company 

Andrews Distributing Company, Inc 

Arthur Andersen & Company 

Athens Federal S & L Association 

Austin Company, Inc., The 

BOC Group, Inc , The 

Bank ol East Tennessee 

Bank ot Putnam County 

Barber & McMurry Incorporated 

Baylor & Backus. CPA's 

Beare Company, The 

Bells Banking Company 

Belz Foundation, The 

Bemis Company Foundalion 

Bemis Company, Inc 

Benwood Foundation, Inc, 

Berkline Corporalion, The 

Bike Athletic Company 

Blue Bell Foundation 

Boeing Aerospace & Electronics 

Boeing Company, The 

Braid Electric Company 

Block Candy Company 

Brown Shoe Company 

Bmnswick Public Charitable Foundation 

Bryce Corporalion 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Buster Brown Apparel, Inc. 

CSX Corporation 

CSX Transportation 

CSX Transportation, Inc 

Carroll Real Estate 

Chromalox Division 

Chromalox Instnjments & Controls Div 

Chubb America Service Corporation 

Chubb Lite Insurance Co. ol America 

Chuck Hutton Chevrolet Company 

Citizens Bank 

Citizens Union Bank 

Cleo, Incorporated 

Cleveland Bank & Trust Company 

Clyde B Austin Foundation 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co , Consolidated 

Colonial Baking Company 

Colonial Pipeline Company 

Comm Foundation ol Greater Memphis 

Conwood Company, L P 

Coopers & Lybrand 

Corroon & Black ol Knoxville 

Cracker Barrel, Inc , The 

Custom Packaging, Inc 

Deluxe Check Printers 

Dealers Waretiouse Corporation 

Delta Materials Handling, Inc 

Deluxe Corporation Foundation 

Dixie Gun Works 

Dixie Yarns, Inc, 

Donnelley Printing Company 

Dover Elevator Systems 

Dyersburg Fabrics, Inc 

East Tennessee Natural Gas Co 

Eastman Kodak Company 

Eaton Corporation 

Edmonds Brothers Lumber Co , Inc 

Emerson Electric Company 

Empire Furniture Company 

Ennis Business Forms, Inc, 

Famolare, Inc. 

Fidelity Federal S & L Association 

First Citizens Bank ol Cleveland 

First Citizens National Bank 

First Farmers & Mercbants Natnl Bank 

First Federal Savings & Loan Assoc 

First Federal Savings Bank ol Tenn 

First National Bank ol Tullahoma 

Fischer Evans Jewelers, Inc 

Forcum-Lannom Associates, Inc. 

Ford Motor Company Fund 

Ford Motor Company Glass Plant 

Foundation lot Independent Higher Ed 

Francis & Lusky Company. Inc 

Galbraitti Laboratories, Inc 

General Motors Acceptance Corp 

General Motors Corporation 

General Motors Foundation, Inc. 

General Shale Products Corporation 

Genesco, Inc. 

George Warren Brown Foundation 

Gerber Companies Foundation, The 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., The 

Great Dane Trailers Tennessee, Inc 

Great Dane Trailers, Inc 

Greal Lakes Research Corporalion 

Greene County Bank 

H, G. Hill Stores. Inc. 

Hamilton Bank of Upper East Tenn. 

Handy & Harman Foundation 

Hardwick Clothes, Inc 

Hams Foundation 

Hany & Jeanette Wembutg Fnd , Inc 

Harsco Corporation Fund 

Heckethorn Manufacturing Company 

Heiltg-Meyers Company 

Hogoheegee Fund 

Holmberg, Mr, and Mrs A William 

Home Bank ol Tennessee, The 

Home Federal Bank, FSB 

Horace Small Apparel Company 

Hospital Corporation of America 

Houghton Mifflin Company 

IKG Industries, Inc 

ITT Corporation 

Ingram Industries, Inc 

Inlet Federal Savings Bank 

J. C. Penney Company, Inc 

J. E LuIz & Company, Inc 

J P Stevens & Co , Inc Foundation 

JFG Coffee Company 

JPS Convener & Industrial Corp. 

Jackson National Bank 

Jamison Bedding Company, Inc. 

Jeffrey Chain Corporation 

Johnson & Johnson 

Johnson City Press 

Josten's, Inc 

K-VA-T Food Stores 

Kelly Temporary Services 

Kennamelal Foundation 

Kennametal, Inc. 

Kilday Enterprises 

Kingsport Times-News 

Kinkead Div./Sterling Plumbing Group 

Knoxville Glove Company 

Krystal Company, The 

L C King Manufacturing Co . The 

Ladd Furniture, Inc 


Lea Industries, Inc 

Leader Federal Bank for Savings 

Leader Federal S& L Association 

Leaf-Chronicle, The 

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 

Magic Chef. Inc. 


Mat|one and Frank DeFnece Trust 

Marketing Designs 

Martin Manetta Corporation Foundation 

Maitin Manetta Ordnance Systems, Inc 

Massengill-DeFriece Foundation, Inc. 

Massey Foundation 

Mayer Myers Paper Company 

McCowat-Metcer Press, Inc 

McKee Baking Company 

Mead Corporation Foundation, The 

Mead Paper, Fine Paper Division 

Mead, Mf and Mrs Roy H. 

Melrose Foundation, Inc, The 

Merchants Slate Bank 

Mid-South Business Forms, Inc. 

Middle Tennessee Bank, The 

Milan Box Corporation 

Modern Forge/Tennessee 

Morrison Molded Fiber Glass Co. 

Morrison Printing Company. Inc. 

Murray Guard. Inc 

Murray Ohio Manulacluring Co.. The 

NCR Corporation 

Nashville Gas Company 

Nashville Machine Company. Inc 

National Bedding & Furniture Indus 

National Business Forms. Inc 

New York Lile Foundation 


Noland Company 

Noland Company Foundation 

Norlolk Southern Foundation 

Olin Chemicals Group 

Olin Corporation Charitable Trust 

Oxendine. Ms Velma 

PACCAR Foundation 

Park Foundation. Inc. 

Parks-Belk Company 

Pelerbill Motors Company 

Piedmont Natural Gas Company. Inc 

Pilot Corporation 

Plantation Pipe Line Company 

Planters Bank 

Plus Mark. Inc 

Popkin Foundation 

Porter-Cable Corporation 

Ptoctor & Gamble Company 

Procter & Gamble Fund, The 

Purity Dairies. Inc 

R, J. Reynolds 

R R Donnelley & Sons Company 

Raytheon Company 

Ready Mix Concrete Co ol Knoxville 

Re<l Kap Industries 

Reellool Bank 

Rentenbach Engineering Company 

Robert Ort/SYSCO 

Roberts, Mr and Mrs Jerry L 

Robinson, Mr and Mr s James B 

Roy H Park Broadcasting 

Sanders Manufacturing Company 

Saturn Corporation 

Schering-Plough Consumer Operations 

Schering-Plougti Foundation Inc 

Scholl's, Inc 

School Calendar Company 

Sea Ray Boats, Inc 

Sftelby Williams Industries, Inc. 

Sherwood Chevrolet, Inc 

Slier Brokerage Company, Inc. 

South Central Bell 

Southern Leather & Shoe Co , Inc. 

Southern Packaging Company, Inc. 

Southern Railway Systems 

Southwestern/Great Amencan, Inc 

Sovran Bank 

Standard Motor Products. Inc. 

Stanwood Corporation 

Steiner-Liff Foundation 

Sterling Drug. Inc 

Stewart Lumber Company. Inc, 

Sun Coal Company 

Svetdrup Technology, Inc 

T U Parks Construction Company 

TMC Trust 

TRW Foundation 

TRW Steering & Suspension Div 

Tandy Corporation 

Tenneco. Inc. 

Tennessee Consolidatei) Coal Co 

Tenn, Farmers Mutual Insurance Co 

Tennessee Society of CPAs 

Texas Gas Transmission Corporation 

The Proctor & Gamble Cellulose Co. 

The Sears-Roebuck Foundalion 

Top Flight, Incorporated 

Toucbstone Railway Supply & MIg Co. 

Town & Country. Inc. Realtors 

Tn-State Aimalure & Bectrl Wrks , Inc 

UPS Foundalion. The 

Unaka Company 

United American Bank ol Memphis 

United Cities Gas Company 

United Inns, Inc. 

United Parcel Service 

Vinylex Corporation 

Vulcan Materials Company 

W C Teas Company, Inc 

W L Hailey & Co . Inc. 

Wallace Hardware Company. Inc 

Weather Tamer. Inc 

Werthan Foundation 

Williams Printing Company 

Wimberly. Mr Joe W 

Wisco Envelope Company. Inc. 

Woods. Frank A, and Jayne Ann 

Wutzburg Brothers, Inc 

Music Planned as Focus 
at Alumni Founders' Day 

Founders' Day and Southern's 
centennial go together like peaches 
and cream. 

To start off this year's Alumni 
Homecoming, on Friday, October 
25, the So-Ju-Conians will again 
sponsor the traditional Founders' 
Day activities. 

"The highlight of the day vvill 
be the honoring of the centennial 
birthday of former professor of 
music, Harold Amadeus Miller, 
born inl891," predicts Edvthe S. 
Cothren, chairperson for the day. 

Professor Miller taught at 
Southern Junior College for 15 
years during the 1930s and 1940s. 

"Among those participating in 
the celebration vvill be Dr. Harold 
Amadeus Miller, Jr., his daughter 
Susan Evans, and her two 
daughters; Dr. Elsie Landon Buck , 
'41, who was a graduate in 
keyboard under Professor Miller; 
Marilyn Dillow Cotton, and Don 
Crook." said Dr. Cothren. 

Others coming include 
Margarita Dietel Merriman, a 
music teacher here in the '50s; and 

Dr. John T. Hamilton, whose father 
was college president in the mid 
'20s. All former students of the 
Miller years will be special guests. 

The So-Ju-Conians will honor 
all former members of the first 
women's dormitory club, the Joshi 
Jotatsu Kai, 1923-1943, at 1 1 :45 on 
Friday at a women's luncheon. All 
women in attendance at homecom- 
ing are invited. 

Founders' Day activities will 
end with the traditional box supper 
on Friday evening. Special guests 
at that time will be the Durichek/ 
Nicaragua Mission personnel, and 
the usual honor classes. 

"Another special feature of the 
weekend celebration will be the 
presentation of a beautiful 
Hammond organ, given in memory 
of two former alumni: Dr. Fuller 
Whitman and Dr. Ross Stromberg," 
said Dr. Cothren. 

A memorial concert of flute and 
organ music will be given by Dr. 
Lilya Wagner. This service will 
take place on Sabbath afternoon in 
the Lynn Wood Hall chapel. 


"The life worth Uving is giving for the good of others." 

— Booker T Washmglon 

Time and talent, service and a saving knowledge of Christ — these are the gifts of 47 Southern College 
students and graduates involved this year in Adventist Youth Service. These include 44 Student Missionaries 
overseas and thiee Humanitas (Task Force) volunteers here in the U.S. 

Recent graduates account for nearly a third of the group. Four other recent graduates, David and Kathi 
Jensen and Tommy and Linda Poole, are teaching in China under a separate volunteer program. Another five 
SMs from Southern, already overseas, chose to stay for an additional year. 








Sk-vc 1 Jnmsley 

IXivid Silver 

Ken Slorichrook 

Sharon Wright 

Nikki \. ilhirs 

Sharron Watson 


O^ark Academy 



Miracle Meadows 






of Homecoming 1991-1992 

# 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1966 1971 1981 1986 

Friday, October 25 

9 a.m. Second Annual Southern 
College Alumni Golf Classic. 

9:30 a.m. Registration begins, 
lies P.E. Center. 

9:30-1 1 :30 Heritage Museum 
Open House, Lynn Wood Hall. 

1 1:30 a.m. Women's luncheon, 
cafeteria banquet room. 

11:30 a.m. Men's luncheon. 
Jack Pamell's home. 

2-4 p.m. Heritage Museum Open 
House, Lynn Wood Hall. 

2:30 p.m. Open House, Harold A. 
Miller Hall. 

3:15 p.m. Music and Memories of 
Miller years. Ackerman Auditorium. 

5 p.m. So-Ju-Conian Box Supper, 
Collegedale Academy gym. 

7 p.m. SC Band, lies P.E. Center. 

8 p.m. Vespers, Minon Hamm, 

lies P.E. Center. 

Sabbath, October 26 

7 a.m. "Iiarly Bird " walk with E.O. 
Gmndset. Meet at Wright Hall. 

9 a.m. First Church Service, 
Jim Cress, lies P.E. Center. 

10:15 a.m. Sabbath School, 

Doug Bennett, lies P.E. Center. 

11:30 a.m. Second Church Service, 
Wayne Coulter, lies P.E. Center. 

11:30-1 p.m. Alumni dinner, 
Collegedale Academy gym. 

1 p.m. Centennial multi-media 

production, Lynn Wood Hall. 

2 p.m. Honor class meetings /photo- 

graphs, Collegedale Academy. 

2 p.m. Centennial multi-media 
production, Lynn Wood Hall. 

2:30 p.m. Dedication of organ 

honoring Drs. Fuller Whitman and 
Ross Stromberg. Lynn Wood Hall. 

3:15 p.m. Concert by Marilyn Cotton 
and Larry Blackwell, accompanist. 
Rick Sharp, Church. 

4 p.m. Centennial multi-media 
production, Lynn Wood Hall. 

4 p.m. Ornithology Reunion. 

4 p.m. Journalism/Communication 
Open House, Brock Hall, Room 
155 (and environs). 

5:30 p.m. Alumni supper, vesper 
meditations by Edward Banks, 
Collegedale Academy gym. 

7:45 p.m. Alumni Awards Ceremony, 
lies P.E. Center. 

8 p.m. Gym-Masters Program, 
lies P.E. Center. 

9:30 p.m. Alumni vs. College 
basketball game. 

1 1 p.m. Centennial Southern Shuffle, 
5K run/1 mile walk. College track. 

Sunday, October 27 

8 a.m. Honor Classes Breakfast, 
College dining room. 

8 a.m. Business Department Alumni 
breakfast. College banquet room. 

8 a.m. Breakfast for all Young Alumni 
('70-'91), east end of cafeteria. 

10-12 noon Open House, Heritage 
Museum. Lynn Wood Hall 

Wc have waited a century 
for this year. 



1892 - 1992 


OF challenge: 

The Story of Southern College 

Special Pre-Publication Ofjerl 


As part of our 100-year anniversary celebration, Southern College is 
pleased to offer a new and exciting, updated story of the college, its 
humble beginnings, its rich heritage. 

After two years of in-depth research and writing, this handsomely 
designed volume offers a unique look at the people and events that shaped ^^ 

the school, from its founding at Graysville to its home on the CoUegedale ^^^ 

campus. Witness the struggle of dedicated men and women against tent-shack 
housing, wartime hardships, and financial crises. Then experience the miracle of 
visions fulfilled, exploding growth, and academic achievement. With over 300 pages 
of text and hundreds of photographs, this book will carry you on a fascinating journey 
through Southern's first century. 

Limited and numbered, 
leatherbound edition: 

Hardbound, linen edition: 


These special introductory prices are good through January 1, 1992. To order by Visa, MasterCard, or 
American Express, please call 1-800-277-7273 or mail your check to: 

"The Story of Southern College," Southern College of Seventh-day Adventists, 
P.O. Box 370, CoUegedale, Tennessee 37315. 

{Add a $3.00 shipping charge /or orden under $50 - orddrs over $50 require no shipping charge . Tennessee resident miist add 7 114% sales lax.) 
*Date of Delivery May 1992. 



Nonprofil Organization 



Permit No. 6 

CoUegedale, TN 37315 

Car Rl Presort 

MoKEE LltfK«i. 
SaaSitm Missienary o